Sallos Sigil Glow. Has anyone tried this this too?

Hello, everyone!

I’m new here but I already tried this.

Lo and behold! I literally saw the sigil coming of off the paper and i felt like i was wearing 3d glasses. :astonished: entire sigil had that white glow and the black ink from the marker freaking floated but I kept on zoning out cause I was shocked!!!

Now that I have done this, does anyone know what i’m supposed to do with the sigil? Should I throw it or keep it hidden (under my pillow)? Please help.

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You are supposed to either carry the sigil with you, or hide it away somewhere, depending on what your intention is, until your result comes to pass. Then you burn it with thanks.

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Would it be okay to fold the paper where the sigil is? My question sounds funny but I just want to make sure since I’ll be placing it under my pillow

Yes. It is perfectly fine to fold the sigil in half.

Thank you so much for your help, @DarkestKnight! :blush:

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Would it work with a digital device? (Sigil on the phone)


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