Sallos ritual

Hey everyone!! I just had a question about my ritual I had preformed…I had preformed the tasking ritual, & had asked Sallos to bring my ex back to me, & have her do anything that I deem necessary to be my girlfriend again… I was a little sloppy in my ritual to be honest… Not to bad but just a tad bit sloppy… But when I completed the ritual I had felt this wired sense of power & confedence that it was going to work but I haven’t gotten any results yet. I think it’s been about 2 weeks now. Should I wait or should I redo the ritual?? I know this is Sallos’ strongest period of time to be called upon. I also have been having a little harder of a time here & there feeling connected to him when I chant his enn. Sometimes I feel connected so much quicker then others. What could this mean??

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I go through that too sometimes, where it is stronger one time vs another time.

Anyways I can’t say for sure because I haven’t evoked Sallos yet, but I don’t know what did he say?

It reminds me of something I have been going through with another spirit.
But in your case from the research that I have done and from what I am hearing what you are saying, I’m not sure Sallos is the one for what you are asking for, I sort of take it Sallos is more about real love and sometimes isn’t too down with setting you up with someone that is no good for you. Maybe what you really wanted was just to experience power over her and that is what you experienced, it was an illusion but maybe that’s all he was up for. It sounds like you are wanting your ex to come back in a bit of a vengeful way, I have heard Vine is better for that sort of thing.

Anyways let me hear how it goes. I find love spells interesting.

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Thank you so much for your input & quick response!! :slight_smile:

Is that a natural thing where sometimes a connection is stronger & other times it’s harder to connect with a spirit?? I tend to invite him into my life when I’m playing games or walking around with music blasting as a token of friendship.

I wouldn’t necessarily call it a vengeful way, but like a way I know for sure that I won’t have drama between anyone with her return & to make up for what happened if that makes sense… I’ll look into Vine for sure & see what happens!! Thank you again!!

Hmmm no not a vengeful way?
No don’t seek Vine then.

Here is what I am starting to think…

What if that really doesn’t make sense? Does that make sense?
What is the word “Drama” is part of someone else’s much larger spell that many of us have fallen under?

I hate to have to get into conspiracy theories to explain this, and I can’t prove anything, but let’s just say we’ll pretend, that way we can say whether it is true or whether it isn’t, it doesn’t matter, I mean you may be able to look around and see anecdotal evidence all around you and there for it is real enough in a way, real enough to understand it at least, but as Beleth says Perception is the only thing others have of us and if you think about perception is therefore all we have of everything and everyone else.

Anyways I am rambling, it would seem to me drama is a necessary part of having a relationship. You might not want to have drama all the time, although I myself wouldn’t even mind if it is for the right one. People don’t like it, but it is part of having a real relationship, in fact fighting … at least sometimes (ideal by the way, fighting not lots but just enough= actual idea) the idea we don’t want drama, or the words to articulate it, is a spell I would argue to keep people from getting together, that way family structures break people don’t build armies divide and concuer, very strategic art of war esk magick hidden in plane view, there’s the conspiracy theory.

The thing is drama is made to sound bad, no one likes drama, no one likes going to work on Mondays either and I am still waiting for society to drop out of doing that in mass, that would make almost more sense. When you have fights in a relationship it shows you mean something to that other person, that you are willing to fight for them and that what you have together is strong enough to survive a fight.

It is the the core of the belly of the beast that is the let’s just microwave that burrito and instantly go back to work, uhh Mondays! sort of fast pass instant gratification culture, isn’t it?
Just microwave that Burrito, just push a magick button and out pops a demon and 3 minutes later - presto your ex girlfriends off switch is now turned back on, am I right?

May I ask you another question? Because I see the forum struggling with this a lot and I don’t see a lot of people thrilled with the results, but would you like a demon that is very overlooked on this forum as far as his ability to go out and change the heart and mind of an individual without any words being spoken to them.

Or would you like to understand what went wrong, bring your lover back, seduced, ready to love you again, feel right that they are back and have a stronger foundation built so that you can actually make it work?

I am curious because I myself, no of a demon that fits this exact description, I will be using him in my love ritual when the time is right, but I don’t know, I am a bit more of a romantic type, Oh I love magick and demons frighten me in a way that I find deliciously thrilling, but I am not looking at using just one, I am looking to invent a recipe that layers the demons in a magical way that makes fireworks go off just at the right time where I can pop up right at the exact moment to save the day made over with super powers of lust and take my wit and charm to the next level, fix up the foundation to which our relationship didn’t work, eliminate any of the blockages and spells that have been holding me back from the love of my dreams.

I’m just curious if anything like that would interest you at all? I mean taking the instant pill from the infomercial is always a great seller, I get it, I look to buy that myself. But I see the results people seem to get here, usually it’s either nothing, they find out why they were no good for them anyways, or they come back and within a short time it’s over. I am too into my love interest to lose them yet again. I myself have to do this right.

Or I could give you a name and you can see what happens?


I should have been more clear on what I meant by drama I do apologise, because your reply was very well read & I truly appreciate it…Her & I were going to give it another shot earlier this year, & the reaction I got from my ‘friends’ was ludicrous at best. She also hates my mother, & as apart of the spell.& What I meant by drama was I want her to patch things up with them…at least my mother moreso than the friends, so that way there’s no more bickering over what’s come to pass.

But I do want her to fall in love with me again just like how it use to be & have that foundation so it’ll work 110%

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Wow man that is awesome! It is interesting how it seems to mean lots for guys that the girl is liked by their friends. I will have to surely take note. Anyways I am glad to hear that the last time I brought it up people seemed to be like, why would we want that? Perhaps it is the difference between me before Beleth and me after Beleth.

Anyways about a year a go I manifested my soul mate using a new form of magick no one really knows anything about. I knew the name before meeting him, I didn’t put two and two together right away, but we started talking, things were going pretty good, but than things started getting stranger and stranger and I couldn’t sleep! Next thing I knew I was writing him these long letters that were very weird and partly about demons. It was kind of blurry but I didn’t mean it literally, next thing I knew he sent me a text saying something about sometimes when you stair into the abyss the abyss stairs back, and then I started trying to reply back, and next thing I started rhyming, I went to lye down and next thing you know I had a demon attachment. I learned magick really quick, I started recalling my past lives with him, doing moon magick and evoking angels, then started getting into demon evocation and other.

Since then I have dedicated myself to figuring out wtf happened and getting him back. I couldn’t just wave a wand and ask demons to do my bidding, not with this guy, not to mention he is probably a very serious magician from my experiences with him, so it is like a frenemy lover magick showdown of seduction.

With Belial and the ground work done by the angels I had come close, Belial would take me to hell and leave parts of my soul in the underworld and then tell him… on some level, it might have been just his higher self, I wasn’t even fully aware of what happened, then he saved the rest of my soul that was trapped in the underworld, we united on the ethers very intimately it was very beautiful, I was tearing up. but… some stuff happened it was a little down hill from there with fights and things, but I wasn’t done yet. I realized there was actually an ethical way to use demons in a love working, like what happened with Belial and since then, I have been working on a system to go from eatting raw meat to inventing fire and cooking as far as love spells go.

I am still working on it. I can’t talk too much more right now, I am going a way on a yoga retreat to learn a few more things I can apply to this. But I will be back by Monday or tuesday let’s talk then. I would say from my experiences the most important evocation in a true love ritual working is evoking their higher self. I can teach you about that when I come back, I might have some time to do some minimal telepathy with you in the mean time. ttyl

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Family & friends are very important to me… I enjoy peace, & happiness all around!!

That sounds really interesting & kinda scary but in a good way!! How did you go about the initial ritual?? What was it like being brought to the underworld then back?? Did you fully evoke him?? Would meditation help me transcend?? Was he your soul mate or did he also bring forth someone here on Earth for you as well??

Please be safe on your journey!! I look forward to forward to continuing our discussion!! Have a great weekend!!

I redid the ritual tonight, I’ll let you know if it works this time too!! I was much better than I was the first time & I feel his energy which is what I feel to be a really good thing!! I also poured some whiskey for him on the floor as an offering & had his insent burning with a silver ring on too