Sallos Ritual to bring back my ex

Hello everyone, im new here, looking for magick ritual to call Sallos.

I’ve read that he is able to bring back ex girlfriends, and i really want my ex to come back.

So im posting here, searching for knowledge, and for a good ritual, because ibe been on google for 2 hrs and could find any ritual, just books to buy on amazon, so if someone could share with me a working ritual to summon HIM, i will really apreciate it.

Thank you everyone!


Have you tried the forum’s search bar? There are a lot of threads about Sallos.


This forum is your new Google friend, abuse it.


Beleth is extremely powerful when it comes to bringing back an ex. It’s not a well known power of his. Call on him instead. He manipulates emotions and can cause anyone to fall in love with you.


Demons of magick by Gordon winter field is the best book on calling on all 72 demons. I highly recommend that one book on amazon. You won’t need to buy any other book or use any equipment. It’s very powerful


You won’t be disappointed. I treasure it deeply


thank you! i will, ill try to find the book

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Sallos will give you what you want in a short time.


i did an evocation of him some hours ago

i just meditated looking his sigil and chanted his enn

Hail Duke Sallos, got results after every ritual was 3 weeks en total, one day of a week and Also the situation was a bit dificult but it solves well.


So i tried the ritual but i wasnt sure if it worked, so i used the 4 coins divination metod to see, and it was quite interesting you know, because i was a little escéptic, but…the answers were coherent.

I offered some wine, but he didnt wanted to help me, i asked if he wanted something else, and he said yes, i offered a loooot of things but he didnt wanted anything, until i offered my blood, and he agreed, so i gave him a cup of my blood, then he said that he will help, so now im waiting


The good Duke turned down booze? Does not sound like him at all. Maybe he entered a 12 step program.


Did you banish before calling him? Or was that step omitted? Are you sure you were dealing with Duke Sallos?

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Yep but avoid the ridiculous “use Sallos” ones as they just spam the site with pointless indexed results and no meaningful results.

Cup of blood???come onnn.You didn’t have to do this.just sign a pact with your blood.that’s it.

i summoned first, but he didnt wanted to be banished so its with me…i guess?