Sallos' help in an unexpected way

So, not long ago I called upon Duke Sallos in order to ask him for help with my relationship with my ex who was pregnant with my child. Her and I were going through a difficult time and I needed the help to smooth things over and get back together.

What I thought was going to happen and what actually has been unfolding are somewhat unexpected. Since my calling on him, her and I have had somewhat a roller coaster of a ride, yet with a steadily upwards trajectory, thankfully.

The biggest change I’ve experienced has been within myself, not in her as I originally wanted and expected. I find that I’m feeling more confident in myself, caring about myself and my path more than I did, and at the risk of sounding cliche or anything, I find that I am learning to love myself more. Whether or not he had a direct influence on her, I can’t particularly say, yet his influence on me has been pretty remarkable. And I directly credit this to my relationship with her growing and getting stronger.

I wanted to post this so it may help others in similar situations. You may not always get exactly what you expect, however if you have faith, you will get what you need.


Hey, I experienced the same with the Duke! So immensely grateful for his guidance! Just the father of my baby abandoned us, however we are all good :heart:


That’s great. As a guy, I couldn’t imagine not wanting to have anything to do with my child.