Hello everyone, this is my first post on here. I’m posting this to bring abit more fame to salas’ash, a spirit from the mastering evocation workbook. I used this spirit to bring me some money about 4 days ago using just its sigil, opening it up and concentrating on what I wanted. I had no money what so ever, within hours I received £40 of money that was owed to me that wasn’t due for a few weeks, I also had multiple opportunities open up for me to earn money including a job offer out the blue where the money I was offered was £1000 a week! This spirit worked so fast and its results were very powerful, i recommend this spirit to all who are or have been in the same position as I was, thank you for reading…


he’s always come through for me…when you find consistency in entities its always good.

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Salas ash came through for me rapidly about a year ago. Really the entire house of the Anatel is quite remarkable.

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