SAH The Serpents Breath

This shit right here is very powerful
Put me in one hell of a Trance :metal:


Citation of source still needed for that bit at the end…

Though I won’t deny the power behind the words.


Lol i looked in the Saqqar Pyramid texts myself…it aint in there :joy:
But still powerful as fuck tho
I tried structuring the Godstar while repeating the Mantra. Didnt see it physically like I wanted to, but it was sure as hell present


Yeah, I seriously want to see this addressed…

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Definitely powerful. I was filled with such an insane amount of energy and I felt like a massive black dragon… walking around my house stretching out my claws… And I would say SAH! and see smoke and fire come from within me, and then my next breath in would supercharge me again. Just saying the word and describing the experience has brought me back into that diabolical state. Ahhhhh.

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We are fuckin going to the next World people :metal:

Yeah and I saw the godstar as a golden sphere of fire and light and metal… and it rose up out from darkness and ascended into my domain within the void.

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I can’t find any mention of what is being recited in the Pyramid texts either.

Perhaps others will have some luck in finding it?

“SAH”, eh? That’s funny. My youngest used to use that word for “yes” when she was beginning to speak.

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