I was cleaning and cleansing a Celtic Medallion that I wanted to load and enchant. My Patron gave me the idea to take it beyond the medallion and cleanse the whole apartment of the negative energy and thought-forms that were left over from my ex-wife’s exodus out of my place. (Long story, I am divorced now.)

The salt absorbs all the negative garbage from around it and that garbage is then drawn up through the Sage Stick and released into the smoke and out of your life.

I carried this around the apartment while chanting words given to my by my Patron to rid both myself and my place of bad stuff.

It is a fairly simple and effective way to clean out a space.

Stay Frosty BALG (What, you thought I stopped saying that?)

Sage can be very effective! I have found that blue or white sage work the best for ridding negative energy. A few years back, like back in 2008, I was toying with a new type of magick I had never done before and I was stupid about it. I went into it completely blind, not knowing what the heck I really was doing. I was basically just opening up doorways and throwing my energy wherever the heck it decided to land, but I was highly depressed that year so I had no concern about anything except my own downward spiral out of control. I ended up foolishly evoking entities which turned out to be malign, and they wreaked hell on my life and my home.

They followed me everywhere I went. I thought my house was haunted at first, but they followed me each time I moved. They would torture everyone in my home, every night at 2:30 a.m. on the dot. I don’t mean physically torture, but scare the living crap out of you. The energy was so strong and negative, you would shoot straight up out of bed and literally feel yourself choking. I eventually used sage to cleanse my home, and I put up some imagery on the walls known to ward off unwanted spirits. Worked like a charm!

I later found out, I must have unknowingly opened a doorway of sorts with an image I had placed on my wall in my altar room a few months prior to the commotion starting up. I had no clue what the image meant but I was drawn to it. It was printed on parchment paper with india ink, I found it at a local metaphysical shop. I was stupid for hanging it up without knowing what the sigil meant, and the owner of the shop had no clue either, it was an item he accepted for a trade one time. But none of this worked, constant sage cleansings until my ex-hubby woke up one night while out of town, called me and said, I just had a terrible dream. That sigil on your wall is causing all of this, get that daggon thing out of the house now. Sure enough, once it was removed, the next sage cleansing worked immediately.