Sage and Demons... Does it make them mad?

I tried looking this up on here but couldn’t find the right words to put it in the search to get a result for this specific question so if theres another source about this on here already please feel free to link me!

I always get nervous about cleansing my space or house with sage before trying to contact a demon because im about 4 going on 5 years practicing magick and what not after coming straight from a strict and brainwashed christian family (so you can just imagine the mental challenges and screwed beliefs I had to overcome from that).

So anyways, you know the stigma of if you’re house is haunted by a “demon” or if an individual is, you dont use sage because it only makes them even more pissed?
So once I started using this forum and found out that one actually can contact a demon without being harassed or getting their throat slit and killed by them (I know :roll_eyes: but thats what was instilled in me)
I started asking the question if its smart to sage at all before doing a invocation, spell, ritual, or meditation. I felt like it was just more bullshit christianity says to instill more fear into people but i have done it before and the demon still showed up. But I still just cant help to know what the answer is especially now since im going to be trying to contact and start trying to connect with Lucifer and this is a really big and exciting thing for me because i’ve recently overcome my lifelong fear of him due to my family always spewing crazy shit “he’s done” and how he will only want to hurt me and blah blah blah. So even though I dont fear him anymore and believe he can help me out alot I still want to rule out ever insulting him (or any demon at that) or anything else in that nature.
What can you guys tell me?


Most demons that I know love sage and jasmine.



Sage clears out negative energies, it has nothing to do with demons or whatever you’re working with, that you have invited into your space. I never had any trouble burning sage, on the contrary it clears the atmosphere.


Thanks for confirming for me guys! I appreciate it :blush:

But now I’m curious… would sage make any spirit or entity that causes or want to cause harm even more vicious towards their target?
I noticed in those “haunted” reality shows where people assume a demon is doing it someone always ends up saying not to sage, but then again some resort into doing so to specifically decipher if it is a demon or your friendly neighborhood spirit lol.
And then that will help them determine whether it is a demon or not and how to move from there, anyone else ever notice that in those kind of shows??
Im just trying to figure out where the whole notion comes from of sage making demons so furious in the first place.

I bought sage, red due to having been mixed with dragon blood, which probably is good for contact with demons; and, about baneful magick, indeed should improve its effectiveness since dragon blood is related to Mars.

When used to attack entities than sage is a powerful weapon. Is the intention that counts


Saging takes place after you give them the license to depart.

sage just clears the energies where its lit. it shoudn’t anger anything. not normally anyways.