Safety of others in home that are not participating in a evocation

I purchased the “Become a living god” ebook and I am ready to practice evocation but I have a question in regards to a worry I need to put to rest.

I live in a city and do not have access to a secluded woods or area for my workings so it will be done in my home.

I know being inside a circle will protect me but what about other people in the next room? Will these entity’s effect anyone outside the room? Will my children become possessed, levitate while projectile vomiting or even worse transform into fundamentalist Christians?

Jokes aside I don’t want any spirit ,demon related to the evocation effecting the physical or mental health of others outside the room.

Any comments or suggestions would be appreciated.

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nono, thats a common misconception that the circle will “protect” you. Even EA stated that. I have came to the conclusion that its recognized as the “center” of existence. It represents Eternity itself. I have attempted to evoke entities such as Azazel in the past w/o a circle, but only because i remember EA stating you develop a deeper connection with that entity. If you have an expectation that you will be attacked(basically what youre indicating) you will create that reality once the entity answers your call. Just my two cents.


If you are worried about the effects of an evocation upon those around you, you can place energetic wards on the walls of your Temple to keep the energies inside. Another option is, instead of doing a physical evocation, you could do an astral one. Create an astral temple through meditation, and do your evocations there. There should be no fallout to effect those around you if you work that way.

And Titan is correct, the circle doesn’t protect you. It simply serves as a way to centre yourself inside the magical universe, thus making evocation easier, by removing you from “everyday” reality. Nothing will attack you, unless you want it to. Most entities, demons included, are happy to work with you if you treat them with respect. Some may test you, however, so be prepared to assert your Will.


Thank you Titan and DarkestKnight. Your post definitely are illuminating the subject with healthy ideas.

I am willing and ready to tackle anything head-on involved in this work, I just don’t want it effecting my family.

Energetic wards to fortify the room got me remember someones suggestion on fortifying a room in a thelemic fashion. Puting Droplets of abramelin oil in doorways and mirrors while reading scriptures from The Book Of Law. Im not strong in thelemic mystism so I feel that would not be effective. Anyone have any similar ideas?

Darkestnight, also any suggestions on how to make these energetic wards? Is there another name for this that I can google.

Thanks in advance!

Usually, they are created by entering an altered state, channeling energy, which could be planetary, elemental or demonic or angelic, and drawn upon the surface of the wall, with the intent to contain all energies, similar in the way you draw the pentagrams during the LBRP. It requires the ability to manipulate energy.

You could also make physical wards, charged with the same intent, and hang them on the walls. With astral wards, they will eventually fade and will need to be recharged every so often. What you could do is just put up astral wards when you evoke, and take them down afterwards. You would have to put them up every time you want to evoke, but it would be the best way if you don’t have a room fully devoted to your magic.

I feel pretty sure that the circle in many older traditions, especially Jinn related traditions, are used for protection. I don’t share Koettings conclusion that a circle cannot keep a spirit from entering or leaving. I just think it will require more hardcore methods than just an LBRP. From our side of the coin though, keeping the spirit outside of the circle or not doesn’t really matter, because of the pactmaking mentality, the circle and the conjurations we use. The spirits we summon aren’t hostile to us, and I assume that the reason are mostly these.

From you DarkestKnight and Attis are saying sounds like the following summed up.

  • known documented friendly entity’s in the grimoires (spirits, demons, angels) are known to be friendly and thus remain friendly as long as you are polite and do not provoke them. Treat them with respect like you would a stranger and they would treat you with respect back. They have jobs like bankers, and human resource directors and the last thing on their job description is to cause harm to you or anyone else.

  • known documented hostile entity’s in the grimoires stating their true nature is to be hostile should be evoked with greater care. I guess I would avoid them or just make sure I am ready and enviroment is as well.

  • It possible to create energetic wards, To discourage a entity from leaving the room that you are operating in. I’m still not sure how to create these for I am not proficient in the astral. I guess I will need research and practice.

Though I will research proper banishing. since E.A. Koetting in this lecture
states that if he does a operation in his own home then will do the proper banishing but in his normal office (magical working) area he feels its not necessary.

I do this to protect my dog. My reasoning is that while consciously I don’t want anything to happen to him, subconsciously, and while I love him very much, he’s a rescue dog with a lot of problems and I do carry some anger and frustration about how those sometimes mess things up, right along with protectiveness and anger at the people who abused him.

I think the same’s true of our family and even kids, we love them overpoweringly but there’s also some very powerful negative feelings there, the ones we have to process after a bereavement for example, so that’s why I don’t take chances.

We can’t really help what we feel, and sometimes (kids, animals, elderly parents etc.) we can’t even express our feelings to them without causing disproportionate harm, so things tend to build up; whenever there’s a murder, the police will always look at partners & family first, the parents if it’s a child who’s gone missing or died, simply because no-one can get to you like the people you love.

My shielding stuff acknowledges that and I don’t want any “mishaps” if, for example, he crapped on the rug (this occasionally happens) and my carefully suppressed annoyance about it gives the wrong impression to some entity I’m talking to.

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I have a question about the astral temple. Does this have to be created while you are astral projecting?

I am wondering if can be created in your minds eye. I also am curious if a ritualistic process has to be set down, like make a circle with the proper sigils and what not in the astral plane.
I’m like not there yet, in materializing myself fully into the astral realm. But in my mind’s eye, it’s pretty good.

Sorry for commenting on an old ass post.
I basically have had an incident where i think a pet has gotten harmed from my work, or lack of control of my work. I don’t want it to affect other people.

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No, no projecting is required. An astral temple is built in the imagination.

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Kind of like what sherlock holmes does in the BBC show.
Does this mean the evocation circle is done in your head while your meditating.

I think i can do that.
I know a lot of smoke is required for demons or spirits to materialize, i can’t do that where im living either.

Have you ended up doing a 3D evocation after your astral temple evocations?

Yes, everything is done in your mind.

You can create everything you need in your astral temple, including incense. It is easier for a spirit to manifest in the astral, so your temple becomes a half way point between the upper realms, where the spirits reside, and the physical realm, where we reside. With an astral temple, you can literally evoke anywhere because the temple goes with you.

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Wow, alright. I will have to start building it tonight.

I would have to find a way to keep balance. Since the temple is in mind and those spirits are easier to reach.
If that makes any sense, I’m very early on in my journey.

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Take your time. Don’t rush. The more time and effort you put into creating your astral temple, the stronger it will be. The astral is constantly in flux, so it may take several days, or even weeks, of visiting it daily before it begins to remain solidly in your imagination.

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