Sacrificing a serpent without making it suffer

So I am thinking of doing the ritual “Altering fate through Drugaskan” as described in the book “Anthology of Sorcery Volume 3 spells”.

Now it is noted that when you sacrifice the serpent (snake) it must be done in reverence and you need to make sure it does not suffer. otherwise the Ahrimanian impulses inject your corporeal life experience with venomous curse. So my question is, have any of you performed that sacrifice? I know some snakes will try to get away from you when you open whatever container it is in. That alone would screw up the ritual.

From you guys’s experience, how do you handle a serpent? And how do you ensure it’s death is quick? If you cut off the head, how long will it remain conscious? If you do cut the head off, should you smash it instantly with a rock or hammer to ensure it is NOT still conscious and trying to breathe?

Also, since the book refers to it as a “serpent”. I hate to sound dumb, but is the term serpent used to describe any snake? Including a small garter snake?


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Here is my suggestion for you, perform the ritual normally, when it comes to the sacrifice part, visualize it as intensely and as clearly as you can, it will be accepted as a sacrifice of a real animal, without killing one or harming yourself.


I have killed a fair amount of snakes. Not in a ritual context, but still I like to make sure it’s a quick death when I can. Cutting the head off at the base of the skull is sufficient and quick. Just make sure your knife is shaving sharp. Otherwise use a hatchet or cleaver. Too many times do people who have never killed anything with their hands try to attempt ritual sacrifice and just fuck the whole thing up from inexperience.