Sacrifice via hex or curse

Can a curse be used to sacrifice ones enemies to Demons?

Opinions on this are varied.


Imo, you should be sacrificing to yourself, not to some demons. However, I cannot argue with friendship, just be aware of the link that the sacrifice forms between you and that demon.

I think most things a sacrifice can do other operations can do. Doesn’t mean it isn’t good to have it, though. Just that I think you should be devouring, or enslaving your enemies, and building up power, instead of just violently throwing it, just for the sake of getting rid of them.

Which is its own reward, I guess. I’ve just always been more pragmatic.

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I say go for it but do it one for one one sacrifice and one for your power so you get rid of enemies grow stronger and strengthen a bond between you and the demon so your getting three things done by doing that