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So I had a theory, in relation to space harmonics when the Big Bang happened it said that we are still expanding, so what is beyond the membrane of us, like a bubble expanding, what is beyond that bubble membrane that it expands into, I think of the same thing for all of space and time, all condensed into that one bubble and is still expanding…what if I went passed that bubble membrane, what if I went passed all 14 membranes ascending above every dimension known, where would I go you guys think?

Something fun to think about, I may try this.

What do you guys think this journey would lead to?

What if all of existence was trapped in this bubble, every dimension known…what would happen if we surpassed this membrane

Perhaps nothingness? Blackness is the absence of color so what is the absence of blackness? White…so would everything be white?

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Have you considered opening a journal for all your random pondering? I just ask because a lot of these questions are more figuring out what you believe to be real, and seem to be a reflection of your mind trying to discern between fantasy and reality.

Getting it out of your mind and hearing the thoughts of others helps to reconcile the differences between the two in your mind, but…

It might be better placed in a journal where you could follow along, see the development you make as you answer these questions and hunt down the answers for yourself. :slight_smile:

Most of its really kinda out there, way out of the box I demand people get out of, so was just trying to figure out ways of coping/recording/researching that would be more productive for all of us and you.


I originally had this on the journal category but thought soul travel would be better

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What she means is to create one singular post that is your own personal journal (put it in the journal section of the forum too) and put all these types of questions into just that one thread. Instead of creating a new post for every single thought you have.


Oh okkk

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Yes, and people have suggested it to him before, I think it would be a great idea to help keep the forum tidy.

@Sacredblood I’m moving this for you back to Journals, I will tag it as a journal, and you can bookmark and reuse it to collect all your thoughts, how’s that? :smiley:



So last night I had a dream and in the dream I had this dragons blood power resin incense, so I rolled my own stick if you will in paper towel (I do this IRL with sage) and I put it up on a stick and left it to burn in my house, and this was my old house the one I lived at before here. I left it to burn down over night and the next morning I check it and it’s still burning, not even a quarter of it has been burned down yet it was burning that slow! I then heard IT IS STILL BURNING?! in like a women’s voice but no one was in the house with me…I then walked into what was my bedroom then…I was the only one in this house…or so I thought…and I saw this creature in like a human form it looked kind of like my brother but shorter…it was crouched down and when it heard me it slowly came closer to me growling, so I kicked it against the wall so hard then I heard it whimpering and it sounded like a dog whining while it was holding its head, then I woke up…

Any ideas on what you guys think this means? If you think it means anything ofc.:slightly_smiling_face:

Bruh that was me asking for a dream interpretation like a legitimate question XDDD

I’m not the only one who’s made a post asking for a dream interpretation lol