Sacred Temple of Angels by Ars Aurora and EA Koetting style evocation

Thanks for the info. Can I message you about this sometimes?

Of course

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I have also used the sigil rituals in Archangels of Magic. I know the one for Raziel that was mentioned here. I think there is some overlap between his books, so I suspect a similar ritual could be in a few of his other books.

The book he was mentioning is not 72 Angels of Magick, it’s this one:

No that’s not it either it’s another one. I’ve posted the Amazon link above.

Hi, sorry if I’m bringing this topic back but I’m starting with evocation and I would like to know, is it mandatory to draw the sigils/ seals by myself or could I just print them out, some of them are very complex…

Hi, I was wondering do you use that book for current evocations?