Sacred Rite of "TFA"

The Great Rite Of Toco’Fer’Al:

This is a primordial being I was given permission to speak of. TFA (for short) is a water being that is subservient to another god I have had contact with for years.

Aspects: Silences ones enemies, causes one to be omnipotent, hunts parasites and can actually take ones power to evoke away. See first aspect.

TFA takes on the appearance of a beefy fellow (not fat), and somewhat of a blue hue to his skin. Of note are his red lips which seem to draw one in. His eyes are quite a striking shade of green. His voice is warm.

He may only be called on a Tuesday night, during the hours of 10pm and 12am.

What is notable and irritating, is that one must stand with the receiving foot (left) in water.

Color is green.

Incense is strawberry (yes, the cheap kind at Walmart…beats me).

Plant is garlic.

Offerings: Appreciates beef, peppers and garlic.


Facing South, one must first evoke him with this chant:

Toco’Fer’Al, on ca badur (x9)

Ninnazu Ati Me Peta Babka (gatekeeper)

Peta Babkama Luruba Anaku (Open your gateway and cause)

Talamu (insert targets name) Asar (this person (X) to be locked in (realm of) Asar)

Note: Only to be used by advanced magi. All dates/times/etc must be followed with delicate precision. TFA is a temperamental fellow and not for those who are newbies.

TFA asks only that you ascribe your experiences with him and acknowledge his kindness here on this post, in assisting you.



What’s your personal experience with this from this entity?


I have had near immediate success, which was surprising as I expected somewhat of a wait of a few weeks, but it was within days.

He has been testy, but after a while I got used to it.


Bookmarked for when I’m advanced :smiley:
Thank you, I love it!


I’ll see if I can’t get an easier, more workable god for you on the line.


His aspects are interesting, following. Thank you for sharing. :ok_hand:


This would be great, actually!

Can it be a plate full of water or is a natural source required?:slight_smile:

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I’ve used tap and bottled because I wasn’t sure at first but both seem to suffice. Good point to ask.


I would opt for a pan (baking pan like for cakes) so that you don’t make a big mess.


Thanks a lot (just didn’t want to put my naked foot in that ratchet river they call “Rhine” over here :smiley:).
Totally following, it just really irks me that I can’t pull it through now :expressionless:

In time. But for all others, who are more advanced anyway, there is always tomorrow and next week and the next and next.

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I could successfully use the streams around here but I’d freeze my foot off. It’s too damned cold this time of year.

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Just to note, the little triangles at the cross are solid. I’m not that great with drawing with a mouse. I forgot to mention that.

Alright, The only streams around here are probably full of bacteria…
Hope, this will be updated, I’m really curious for some reason. The name is resonating with me, but I can’t put my finger on it, yet.

I am considering a group working with him considering the success I’ve had with him, I think that numbers combined (as indicated in other workings) could empower the intention further.

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Perhaps some other gods would feel like joining in. I may evoke a few tonight and see how they feel about it.

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I’ll send you a pm. Maybe you could ask on my behalf :smiley:

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I can do that, but I always like people to verify information, especially with a group working. That way wires aren’t crossed. I don’t want to add like a billion gods, just a few. TFA and maybe a few others. Otherwise, it gets a little out of hand and chaotic.

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