Using poisonous herbs and a challenge filled with sacrament how does one use these safely such as black Nightshade Belladonna hellbane Mandrake and Datura.
And other various toxins such as scopolamine and atropine

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I suggest first identifying the purpose of the ritual and entities you will work with, then match the desires and attributes to relevant herbs magickal and physical properties, entheogenic or otherwise.

I don’t think ‘safely’ and poison really works… You can keep the dose as low as possible to still get effects, and use infrequently to fully clear your system in between uses, but if safety is a priority, stick to wormwood and mugwort, clary sage and mexican marigolds and use as thick incense you can inhale.

If you want to try witches flying ointment containing tinctures of the herbs you mentioned, I found a seller on ebay with a product I liked that was inexpensive. It’s not incense, you rub small amounts where the skin is thin like your inner thighs and it absorbs into the bloodstream.


“You can keep the dose as low as possible to still get effects, and use infrequently to fully clear your system in between uses”

Is what I was thinking too.

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The safest way is flower essences. A few drops in your cup.

I’m on the poison path and currently compiling enough information to make my own ointment eventually from the ones im growing myself, so i love this topic.

There are ointments available online. On the one hand, theres a great deal of exaggerations regarding poisonous plants. I think our distance from nature has made us even afraid to touch them - and some its more warranted than others, but not always the ones youd think.

I would caution against using them beyond flower essences - or from a trusted source of ointment, until youve accustomed yourself to them. read as much as possible - theres so much information you can find if you search, try to connect with their plant spirits, and abstain from regarding them as a means to an end rather than companions, spirits you work with, not things that work for you.


Well said :smiley:

If you can start to grow these plants yourself and talk to the Devas via the living plant that’s ideal. You can also use the dried herb and tinctures as links to journey to the nature spirits and start a conversation. Some work well as incense, some are better as tinctures to drink or use on the skin, some both.
It’s a huge topic so take your time and have fun getting to know everyone. :slight_smile:


Yes the devas! Ive found each plant carries its own individual spirit, and yet its rooted into something underlying, relative to its species.

I find myself buttering them up, playing music and dancing and immersing myself in the exchange, speaking to them with love and extolling their virtues, and letting them show me which parts they want me to use, if any at all. I even accept rejection at times - not now, or im unsuitable to this.

I agree growing is best - but not required. I personally resonate so much with the sense of touch, scent, and taste - i think i would have trouble working with just the parts without having had or having direct access to them rooted somewhere.


Very much believe in this as for many things to learn.

Very much interested in books or sources you’ve read… as for Culpeper’s was my basis for education

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S. Connolly wrote a book entitled ‘Wortcunning for Demonolatry’. Hard cover only. I think I got minr through Lulu.

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Found the book on eBay less than 20. Ordered one… thank YOU.

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ooo i have read things where culpepper was referenced often but haven’t read his material exclusively.

These are what i consider the “books of my bible” for now.

The Witching Herbs by Harold Roth is a fabulous indepth read for getting to know the nightshade, and i was impressed when his gnosis regarding the Datura plant spirit and Belladonna plant spirit aligned with my own. There are a couple recipes if i recall for ointments utilizing nightshades, though im not in the stage of my path where ive tried to formulate them. Im starting with non toxic plants until i perfect my ointment making abilities.

Im presently gobbling up the pharmako series - i believe Gnosis is the one that discusses the witches garden and flying herbs.

Also, Plant Spirit Familiar is another great book in its some great techniques to help connecting with the plant spirits themselves. It also discusses the nightshades, and instructions for flower essences. Its definitely worth every penny.

also, Veneficium and Plants of the Devil had excellent herblore and theoretical understanding of witchy plants.

Im currently planning my “curriculum” for this growing season and planning my garden, such as a mandrake nursery (im working on germinating rather than needing to order them already sprouted) and expanding my poison garden, and these books offered invaluable insights.

For mandrake, im not sure how to find them without being super expensive other than growing them yourself. Be wary of sellers who try to call “american mandrake” european mandrake. theyll sell packets of chopped up stringy roots, and those are not mandragora A or O, and they are not useful for the same things.

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