Sabnock - CLOSED

thank you, was on my way to this.

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Undo the magickal attack on the one who must have him as a protector and Sabnock will move out …

He’s not known to the enemy until after they’ve done the attack :wink::metal:t2: He is very good at protection and improving those who adore him biologically. He is very much powerful indeed when it comes too protection absolutely.

I am a demon who protects by warding off every evil enemy attack and not many demons have ammunition handy at will…

Hail Sabnock.

I suggest you learn more about Sabnock Brother.

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Same here.

He’s my boyfriend.

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Well we are married


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Funny you say that, I had the same feeling when I read this post.

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That he attacked someone who sabnock protects?

Yeah! Well not attacked, but maybe stalking.

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Sabnock is a spy… He may have attacked not sure.

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Unless he was planning too and gaining info for the patron.

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Maybe OP should do a cleansing?

You mean donotdrink post should do a cleansing…

It could help as it helps all of us too cleanse (not banish etc… but it could be a box of demons under the command of Sabnock too be unleashed should he go ahead with the attack???

Just thinking a box with his name on them.

Not exactly a box of demons but more of a symbolical :warning:

what the actual fuck are you people talking about?
attacks and stalking?
yeah, I don’t do either of those. maybe don’t jump to conclusions.
I have a lot of dreams where lots of beings reveal themselves.

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There’s no need to be rude. I was only saying what came to mind when I read the topic, not saying that you attack people or stalk them.

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Oh wow that is news to me he is my daughter patron so I know he still comes by and checks on her he was very fond of her actually I’m very greatful for him so congratulations to you both :hugs:

No but Sabnock does…

Thank you. We are happily married he wants me too get a ring when I can.

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He’s an amazing demon and lover we are emotionally in love vs sexual…

He’s the best for protection I’ve found.

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kill this.