Sa'ahtlar working 7.11.2012

In the book of Azazel it said that this Nether is of the House of Anatel who takes the form of an old fashioned classy gent of the early 1900’s; late 1800’s I’m guessing. Who has the power to weaken one’s enemies so they can stop working against you. Disperse entire armies in confusion and inability and can remove unformed or circumstantial obstacles.

I decided to use my official circle of pacts, surround the cardinal points with black candles (ooh) and use my burner to smoke up a blend of frankincense and other gums.

Facing north, I had begun the call before looking down at the sigil to call the spirit. Funny how when I called the spirits name what begun as a small plum of smoke, engulfed me in a fucking fog. The spirit, in the dark was in my living room.

I begun calling him again and he was before me. At first small in my mind’s eye. I had asked him what was his name and he showed me his sigil flashed before him. The spirit then appeared before me standing 4 ft tall in a brown loin cloth surrounded by a teal sort of aqua marine aura. His head was seriously disproportioned compared to the rest of his body. His head was triangular but reversed. He had a big bushy mustache and reminded me of the cartoon inspector Crusoe.

I thanked him and asked him to help me with my charge.

Then he said something really profound, something among the lines of making sure that what I was doing because it was not a computer (group?) thing. It was a serious action to undertake. He wanted me to look into the cauldron while asking me was I really ready to stoop so low and to go to such extremes and while focusing in the cauldron, the blackness, I felt as if I was peering into the abyss as if he was inferring for me to realize I am really going into hell for such things. I said yes in a furious tone.

Just to confirm that I was indeed talking to the spirit I called because I saw flashes of a horses head, he hesitated and for some reason it’s hard for me to get spirit’s to actually say their name. I don’t know if that’s some kind of mental block on my part but he did say it and then pronounced it to me so I knew how to say it. It was “Sssssss-AHTlr” to say it correctly.

I felt myself come apart around the room and he was standing in the middle as if he was looking in me to form the best way to communicate. And then I noticed his skin up close and it was mottled or pricky like a weird type of translucent set of scales. I looked away and continued the conversation.

I asked him to accept my charge in which case he told me that it was already done. I took a long pause because I couldn’t understand how but he affirmed this again, like it was yesterday’s news to him.

I thanked him and told him that it was not that I doubted him but he should understand I need some sort of confirmation on this. He understood.

So I asked what he wanted in return. Astrally he threw me a vision of piece of paper and a writing utensil so I went to outer perimeter to grab my papers and a pen.

I thanked him and told him that I would honor my end. I like this spirit. I dug his vibe and the way he communicated.


AWESOME, AZAZYM!! I could almost feel it myself, the way you describe …

Wow, so what sort of enemy did you pit him against? Are you allowed to tell?

That was really interesting! Thanks for sharing it!

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Thank you everybody for their questions and comments. I have summoned others already to be sure.

So far all I can share is that nothing requested and accepted had shone an inkling of materialization. Where as the goetic system has produced faster. But there have been a bunch of black dots, ink blobs, flashes other such like things. There’s more but at this point I would like to think it’s the entity’s who’re working in my favor. If anything come to past, even an inkling i will share.

so, it wasn’t successful?

This profile is completely gone. Its like you are asking a wall a question.


Hey,maybe he is a necromancist !

Maybe @Xag_darklight he works closely with the KOF and can help

in what?i dont see that you replied into a question.

There were the questions from may if its about necromancy :sweat_smile:

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i had worked with Sa’ahtlar before,Sa’ahtlar is great for banishing and cleansing and aslo backfiring curses,i would advise him to anyone who has problems with spirits.


That’s totally cool, i will add this Info to my notes just in case