S Rob

Whats y’alls opinion on him and his books?


The best example of an extremely nonintellectual approach to magic. It looks so cheap and superficial that makes me wonder is there any good hidden reason for that. If it fits your taste, give him a chance, he has a strong background.
Good luck!


Here in Brazil, a great magician bought several books from him, even commented on the books to give an aid to S Rob in the same amazon!

I was wondering the exact same thing this evening. It seems that each week I get one or two messages from Amazon telling me that he has a new book out. Today’s was Roman Legion Magic, on the 27th it was Kings of Hell Bottle Magic. He really pumps them out. What I don’t quite understand is the long-ass paragraphs one has to write out to make the spells work. I have no problem with writing but I hope the spirits understand better than I do, because a lot of it doesn’t make sense. According to his bio on Amazon he is an amazing guy who has lots of experience. That being said, I’m going to write out the long-ass sentence and stick it in a bottle - with some serious intention behind it - and see how it goes. He makes it seem so simple that I can’t believe it could be that easy. I’d really like to be wrong on this one.

I think he has found the key to prosperity is selling a lot of books. I have only read a few. I do like his little book on Enki and have used it with some success. I just say them out loud.

His books are great… If you’re out of toilet paper

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And even so, I’ll still choose toilet paper.

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Yes I totally agree :slight_smile:

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