S. Connolly: Worshipping Demons To Receive Spiritual Blessings

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On a personal note, I am thrilled to introduce you to this month’s guest on Interviews With A Magus, the accomplished S. Connolly.

Stephanie has authored an entire library of respected books, and is a true expert on the subject of Demonolatry, or “demon worship”.

Believe it or not, E.A. even admits she had an identifiable influence on him at one point in his research on demons, and quite frankly, I don’t know a serious practitioner who HASN’T at least read a few of her well-known books.

While not ALL of her beliefs regarding demons align perfectly with ours here at Become A Living God, we still honor her hard work, and acknowledge her penetrating knowledge on Demonolatry, it’s ideology, and sacred rites.

(For example, we do not condone “worshipping” demons per se in a religious sense. We don’t consider them our superiors as Demonolators do, and instead we hold the magician at the top of the hierarchy of magick power)

In short, ANYONE can benefit from listening to this sorceress share her wisdom, which stems from decades of exclusively interacting with demonic entities.

In this hard-hitting interview, E.A. and S. Connolly share:

  • The proper way to conduct blood sacrifice, and how to generate the most power from your blood-letting, so you inflame the intensity of your ritual

  • What the fundamental differences between an Evocator and a Demonolater are, as well as the core beliefs and practices of Demonolatry, so you fully comprehend the religion

  • Tips for successfully performing execration magick - BANEFUL MAGICK - in order to both inflict pain on enemies, and even HEAL friends

  • Theories on what demons actually ARE by nature, and a revelatory discussion on what Stephanie calls the “divine” demonic spirit in all humans

  • A serious look at death, so we can learn to harness Death Essence for our necromantic rituals

  • And MORE insights into demonic necromancy, exorcism, and several other subjects related to dark magick

Interestingly, Stephanie reached out to E.A. to establish a friendship after we founded Become A Living God, and naturally we invited her to join us for an interview, so you could all enjoy it.

To be frank, there are not THAT many authors or magicians I am personally excited to hear speak… and this is one of them.

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Let me know how you like the discussion. What specific points that Stephanie makes about Demonolatry do you agree, or disagree with?

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Great conversation – I could listen to them talk for hours on this subject.

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Very interesting that she has used curses to kill things like bad habits or other negative obstacles… really opens ones eyes in regards to the many applications of baneful rituals.

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yeah i’ve got just about all her daemonolatry books and they’re both easy to read and incredibly useful. lots of really practical stuff crammed into several hundred pages. her writings complement EA’s very well, in fact, albeit with a slightly different angle.

i’ve not started on her erotica yet but hell, i’m comfortable admitting i’m a pervert so i’m sure i’ll get to it eventually.


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That was a great interview! Very insightful. I immediately ordered her new book!

how long does the interview go for?

i’m considering buying and subscribing to the magus interviews, but i’ve only recently become interested due to the new connolly segment. the site provides plenty of information regarding why it’s such a great deal, but it doesn’t actually say how long the interviews go for. now having seen any myself, i’d like to find out the average length (i.e, 10 mins or 45 mins etc?) of the interviews and if they are of consistent length. that is, are they, say, 50 mins +/- 5 mins or are some an hour and some only 20 mins?

i’m just trying to get a feel for what i’m actually buying on a material level (entirely aside from the quality of the content, i mean, of which i have only heard good things).

kind regards, james.

I want the Funerary Templar Edition bound in full red Goatskin which includes bones from a sacrifice when it comes out. Looks like an interesting book definitely.

Hi James,

the interviews last almost exactly 1 hour.
The current months interview is the only one that is available at the time.

Each interview has two sections on the Web page.

The top section has the interview listed with Chapter Titles - it seems added post interview that are highights during the Interview that touch upon the titled theme.

The second section - is a straigh Download Link.
My observation is that the format and size has changed over time.

The current format is MP4 which is friendly on Apple or PC/Android platforms.

They are interestingly driven by EA into some vary interesting places - or ‘spontaneously’ go to places that are key to any occultist - as has been part of the special unique angle that the Interviewee has been selected for by ‘the spirits’.

I recommend this series as an ongoing commitment to enriching any sorcerors or occultists understanding and practice.

Some powerful hints and tips have been given that even EA has said he was eager to try - as per the interview before this - with practicing of a particular Visualisation Technique.

So - yeah - if you can spare the coin - it will be definately worthwhile.
I consider it better than the conversation at the pub with randoms for less than a few beers… there are some real wankers out there…

Its served on a silver platter - a platter of REAL substance!

Lol Wankers? You don’t see that word much on forums. Take it you’re from the UK Vagelli? I hail from Wales myself.

From Australia - and yes- wankers are an ‘International Currency’ mostly akin to coinage - and most of the wankers here do show coin slot…

Like each country we have a word for labouring scum - and I have laboured and worked - in the States, I beleive they are called Wet-Backs…

Here almost anyone with a fluro vest is obtuse - as I am - however the thing that divides us - and makes them trash - is not what they wear or the job that they do - but the motivatoins behind their actions - and most - are fit for human sacrifice…

…do they pay you to plug the interview series?

and i thought all interviews were accessible after they have been paid for? the interview signup page seems to imply that, and the release of the first season retrospectively seems to confirm it. in any case, it’s going for 25% off right now so i might very well try those out, starting with connolly’s.

also, “wetback” is a racial slur.

kind regards, james.

We have no paid affiliates at the moment. We may start an affiliate program in the future.

All positive testimonials and feedback are 100% voluntary.

No. The interview series program works like a magazine subscription. You receive a brand new installment each month that you are a member.

and to that end, are the episodes downloadable for future reference or does access expire?

i ask as the first season release has been specifically advertised as being downloadable, which would be a significant incentive for me to subscribe.

kind regards, james.

Yes the episodes are downloadable. You’ll have to ask about previous episodes as only the current one can be downloaded at anyone time.


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The Next Screen shows the first Interview is FREE - which is the Current Stephanie Connolly interview - and its AWESOME

I did this a couple months ago & (without any prior information), she was dead-on accurate with several things that were going on in my life. She even suggested a couple demons that would be a good “fit” for me, however I’m still having trouble “popping my psychic cherry”, opening my 3rd eye, become spiritually attuned, or whatever you call it. Even meditating/chanting Azazel hasn’t worked for me. Feels like I have a permanent blockage =(

As i’ve been told by my spirit friends what you just said there is very true…from all the chakras it is the one hardest to work with.
Most people feel they have opened it, they didn’t.

Some of the time it isn’t about your ajna chakra being blocked or under developed. Its about not tuning into it. At present if I try to use it during meditation I can’t, but after an OBE I can see astral beings around me as well as I see physical people. If it was blocked I wouldn’t be able to do that. Its sometimes just about getting into the right state.

[quote=“The Eye”]There’s a lot of BS all around the internet to open the 3rd eye, fo instance the “Thot meditation” (supposed to open your ajna in 3 days ====> LOL)

3rd eye is a gift, and as all gifts you have to deserve it…[/quote]
I don’t think its a gift as in only certain people can have an open third eye, I think its more of just a skill that needs to be developed. However it might open for some people easier than others, it’s all in how dedicated you are to opening it.

Hope you don’t mind me sharing my opinion on this…
Its just that i find it quite interesting…all this points of view, different ones and debating ones.
S.Connelly and i share the same opinion and we don’t know each other and we live on completely different parts of the planet, that must somehow mean something…even if it is something as small as : Humans are all the same…
Hell yeah, humans are indeed all the same…
Now reason why i think Demons should be worshipped and served, its the same reason why i think i am on their good hand. IF you were living on earth for more then a thousand years, wouldn’t you think that you’d get bored of the same old things ? I think so…
So why on earth is ANY human equal to a Demon ? No human that every human is aware of has lived for as long as a thousand years, that makes Demons more then humans already and i am just speaking of longevity, speaking of longevity is speaking of a lot…
Why would they care more for someone who is just like any other human and thinks that it is equal to the Demon, then someone who knows since ever he or she exists that the Demons are something above him or her.
They can only be above humans because they exist for longer, so what our creators gave us something they dont have ? is that the point here ? So we get to be more then them or their equals ? We haven’t lived half of what they have, we havent got half of the knowledge some of them have, we have powers as they do have or more even ? Probably, but that still doesnt make us equals…they are a force that exists before we do and for that only we should respect them, then you say oh but we do respect them, we just see them as equals and not as someone we need to serve or someone that is above us…
If i was speaking of human relationships…To think that you will get something out of someone is to think that you need to give something to that someone, there is no taking without giving, like that proverb says really well, who goes to war takes and gives back in return. So what do you give to a Demon when you ask something from him ? A sacrifice ? Well yes he certainly will enjoy it, he certainly will do what you ask from him, but will he respect you when you think that by doing what you are doing, you are becoming equal to him or even superior to him ? No being likes to think that there is someone superior…
That is the nature of every being, to rise and rise above all and all.
So of course no being likes to be put as an equal or someone below…
So when you are doing that " exchange " of a sacrifice for something in return from the Demon and you’re thinking that you are in good terms with it that you’re good friends and all, have you ever thought that while on your back he’s thinking very badly about you ? The same way you probably are thinking that you are superior to him when you are not around him ?