S. Ben Qayin

On a podcast today I heard that S. Ben Qayin is no longer with BALG. Did he put out a statement like Nate Bales did?


All over fb

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I saw the same thing. Does anyone know what happened?

Unfortunately S.Ben Has decided to leave Balg. His announcement was on facebook and I don’t think he will be making on on the forum.

I don’t want to speak for Timothy or E.A on this considering they own Balg but having spoken with S.Ben myself and seen the situation unfold S.Ben wasn’t satisfied with his work here at balg, long story short he wasn’t happy. It seems like he wants to pursue a path where he can run things for himself rather than working with someone who is running the shop so to speak.

I will miss him but E.A has said he will continue to support S.Ben’s work outside of Balg, be it jumping on for podcasts and things of that nature. I will also continue to support his work. S.Ben is family and always will be to me and I feel honored to have worked with him and had the pleasure of braking bread with him.

His path takes him in another direction and while I can’t speak for Balg as a whole I can say that the authors and contributors at balg wish him the best and hope his new path leads him to where he wants to be.


My podcast perhaps? lol


Only permanent thing in life is change. Good luck to Mr. Ben Qayin! :slight_smile:


Yes. On your podcast.

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