Ryu666 Journal

This is the start of my new Journal

I’ve recently started studying Clairvoyance for Psychic Development book by Slate & Llewellyn

I’ve developed the ability to understand what I read, which is massive for me.

For my whole life a book was just be words on paper with no meaning, which led me to learning most of my knowledge through other means like photo reading, which depends completely on the unconscious mind to accomplish all the learning, it was my theory that it was a job originally for the unconscious mind and that changed when everyone started being able to read. I thought what a boring job for the conscious to have to learn.

I mean there are lots of ways to acquire knowledge without consciously learning it. I spent many years developing videos of millions of pages appearing on the screen one at a time of course at a rate of 33 pages per second, going through hundreds of thousands of books about everything, now I wonder why I was wasting all my time photo reading? When you can convert the pdf to text file and combine thousands of text files into one and display in html with text size like 5px and view it in a browser, or convert it back into pdf, that would cut the time to photo read all those books. Photo reading in my opinion is still a waste of time.

Create Astral entities to gather information about whatever topic you want to know, then after gathering all the information submit it to the unconscious mind for processing with the suggestion of presenting it to the conscious mind in just the right way so you can perfectly understand it in ways far greater than you could ever dream of.

The Universal Mind already has all knowledge past present and future, so just download everything from the Universal Mind, Instant Universal Genius

What about all of the parallel universes does the knowledge and experience change between parallel universes? Then download everything from all Parallel Universal Minds, that is probably the most information anyone could acquire! And it is all acquired in one simple phrase, “download everything from all Parallel Universal Minds now!”

What about acquiring knowledge from a specific person or group or entity?
Easy to do, Just think of the person/group/entity and suggest in your mind to “download the targets complete data base, everything conscious and unconscious that the person has collected throughout his/her/their/its existence.”

After Acquiring all the information in existence, what now, maybe Create your Reality just the way you like it? Invent new devices and market them? Be a God and develop your own Universe? Throw a big Party and invite all the Gods?

So why am I consciously reading this book and acquiring what it offers? Because I can!!

Remember you have to be in a Hypnotic State when photo-reading, or saying the suggestion for acquiring data, also your thoughts and or beliefs may be standing in the way of your success, I suggest saying prior in a hypnotic state, “Destroy everything preventing/blocking you from acquire infinite data”, you’re beliefs, programming, thoughts etc, are the only things blocking your success, everything is just one phrase long, no need to destroy each belief/program/thought individually. “Destroy everything blocking (whatever) now” done


I like this, will use it :slight_smile:

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In that book I’m reading Clairvoyance for Psychic Development in Chapter 1 they talk about the Tattva’s developing your visualizations to advanced levels and they also store information, anyway I made a website with all the Tattva’s custom made of course, just to add my own energy and stuff. They suggest making them yourself, I used Gravit Designer to design all the graphics and made them from Ophiel’s Tattva Collection

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Everything you believe is an illusion, these beliefs are created to prevent/distract/destroy you from reaching/achieving the great potential that every human is born with. These illusions seem real because you can experience the effects from the illusions, your mind doesn’t know the difference between real life and an illusion. If the illusion you believe has rules/laws and you break them, you will feel the effects/consequences. Beliefs like universal laws, religion, time - past and future, bullshit science like gravity, string theory, just to name a few, oh be nice to that little poor retarded jewish boy, Albert Einstien, If you want to control billions of peopIe without applying your own force, create illusions from all sides that they will enforce themselves, self enslavement, destroying all advancement of the people, really it’s brilliant. People fight to the death about their beliefs like WTF. A job that accomplishes itself. Personally I am not in favor of being played, like a puppet, yes master, fuck that, I say, destroy all illusions, why hold on to things that deceive and distract you from achieving the true potential you have thus destroying any chance of reaching the great success. And yes it’s super easy to destroy all illusions in your life with just one simple phase, “Destroy all illusions in my life.” Done Now live in the moment and enjoy, smile, life is amazing.

People always go on and on and on about what they believe, in other words Oh I have such a great illusion come believe in this illusion. I guess illusions are good if you are the one performing the illusion but not if you are the one being played by the illusion! This may be one of the greatest secrets never told until now. It’s the whole concept of beliefs, we think its them against us but really its us against ourselves, Nobody can force beliefs on us, we choose to believe, sure our parents make us go to church but they can’t make us believe, belief is a personal thing, we create the illusions and we destroy the illusions that we have created, sure sosciety may convince us but we choose to be convinced. We unknowingly choose to destroy our own life, all because we don’t know any better. We are dumb. And now we know and we can choose to destroy the illusions in our own lives and share the great knowledge with others so they can destroy their illusions too or not, maybe they like the illusions. Maybe they like living the lies, maybe they are so wrapped up in lies they see it as impossible to unravel. Layers upon layers of lies all destroyed in one simple phrase “Destroy all illusions” that’s all it takes “Destroy all illusions” sing it with me “Destroy all illusions” I can’t hear you “Destroy all illusions” one more time “Destroy all illusions” Done

Seriously think about it, the greatest distraction, that we create, that eventually destroys our lives.

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Learning NLP and Hypnosis has greatly advanced my spiritual development

What is Hypnosis really? Communication with the Unconscious/Subconscious Mind.
What is NLP? A way to make things instant using many tools such as hypnosis.

Setting everything up so it automatically happens everyday really has dissolved massive amounts of stress from my daily life, being able to completely relax in an instant, clearing my conscious mind in an instant, everything is instantanious now.

When reading books with exercises in them always used to be a challenge as most want you to close your eyes at the start, that would mean I have to read and remember the complete exercise then close my eye and do the complete exercise, and honestly it was impossible to go into the astral world using my logical brain and remember each of the 20 steps of the exercise then I would forget half the steps and would then need to come back into this world to read the rest of the exercise the go back to the astral world and then I would forget what I just read, a nonstop shit show. How the fuck are we suppose to do this. Fucking stupid Authors.

Now I developed the ability to go to the astral world with eyes open, and reason it took me 40 years to do that is because I believed all the so called advanced teachers that told me only very advanced people can see into the astral world with your eyes open, which now I know is complete bullshit, I curse all the teachers that lied to go fuck yourself and die, as “whenever you daydream you are in the astral world in a hypnotic state with you eyes open”, so anyway I read the exercise and perform it in astral world at the same time, only skipping one minor step the closing of the eyes part. Why the fuck would anyone close their eyes in the first place, I don’t understand, I mean if you want to great but why do all these authors insist on making that step 1 in all the exercises, like to say closing your eyes is a must, if you don’t close your eyes none of these exercises will work.

So say goodbye to Eyes Closed

Psychic Vampire

Energy is just Energy and it is impossible to have positive or negative energy same with hate energy or love energy completely impossible as positive and negative, hate/love are all perceptions and Energy is Energy, you can attach a perception to energy but the energy stays the same. You can attach all the hate in the world to energy and the energy will still be energy which completely elimates the need of cleansing the energy.

Creating Pychic Vampire thoughtforms/entities to do the work for you is by far the greatest way to do it, (example the queen ant doesn’t collect the food she creates worker ants to do that) are you a worker or are you the God/Goddess of your own World.

The physical connection to your target is of no use as we are working in the world beyond the physical world I like to refer to this as the Astral World, when astral communication (telepathic) between people takes place there needs to be no connection whatsoever no mental connection no blood connect absolutely no connection. You can send a message to every person in a specific country if you wanted to, maybe they don’t recieve the message consciously but somewhere in every singleperson you can find that message.

Now take that knowledge and apply it to Psychic Vampire, Create a million Psychic Vampire Entities/thoughtforms and suggest they suck every drop of energy from every single enemy shedding all attachments and adding it to you stockpile of energy continuously for all eternity. Done

Your stockpile of energy continues to grow forever
The entities you created last forever no need to charge or recharge them as they are in the astral world and there is no need.
There is no need for Cleansing as all of your energy is attachment free already
There is no danger to you, as the entities are doing the work
Every Government is a Vampire to all its people it’s know as TAX and there is tax on everything

Your beliefs play a huge role in how your life plays out, and not just what gods you believe in but your beliefs in how things work, about how things are created, about what is needed in the creation of things, about everything. Your beliefs are not physical and can be created or destroys in seconds if you want to

In the Astral World there are no laws, no rules, no consequences, karma is complete BS, karma is made up by humans to control, you can do anything you want in the astral world, you can create whatever you want its instant, you can create your own universe and destroy it all in seconds, all those trillions of lives of people in your universe destroyed in a second, the whole universe you created is now non existant.

Like on Rick and Morty create a universe and it creates all the energy you will ever need and if you need more create another universe as there is infinite space in the astral world.