Runyon's Book of Solomon, which rite do I start with?

Hi everyone. I am currently reading The Book of Solomon magick by Carroll P. Runyon. In this book there are 2 rites Pentagram & Septagram, and each has it’s own instructions. I have been confusing about this terms INVOKING & BANISHING. I haven’t practice any this two rites. I don’t know either should i starting to invoking first or banishing. As a beginner what would you recommending me, about where should i start with. Is it banishing ? or invoke . thanks

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I eidted your title because the original wasn’t showing that you had a system to work from, which can make questions impossible to answer. I’m not personally familiar with this system, but hopefully someone will reply who is. :+1:


I have the book.

In the chapter on the pentagram and septagram rituals, Runyon says that you begin with the Lesser Invoking Ritual, then you do the Septagram ritual, then you end with the Lesser Banishing.

However, when you are first learning, I recommend practicing only the Lesser Banishing until you have learned the ritual by heart. Then you can practice the invoking version.

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What do you meaning by saying “until you have learned the ritual by heart”.

I have to practices the pentagram rite in banishing mode. And after performing the rite i end with kabbalistic cross so as to complete the rite. What person experience i might experience at the first time .

After complete the rite, is there anything am supposed to do , or i might continue with other personal work


It means, until you can do the ritual by memory.

You’re just learning, so you should practice only the pentagram ritual before adding anything else.

However, if you are want to add more work, then the order should be done as follows: the Lesser Banishing. The Septagram opening ritual, whatever other magical operation you want to try, the Septagram closing ritual, and then ending with the final Lesser Banishing.

I understanding you

In the book there some extension and variations of the pentagram rite are this more work that you’re saying ?

In the book Runyon says that the student should master the original pentagram ritual before trying any of the variations so don’t get ahead of yourself.

And no, what I meant by more work is practicing all of the rituals every day instead of just the Lesser Banishing.

Would you mind if i came back later after firstly practices pentagram ritual by banishing mode and ask you a question …

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No problem.

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Hi there. Sorry i am back again to this topic. I have been practiced the lesser banishing for a week now. Last time you recommended me after practices the LBPR until i learned by hearts that ritual, and after tha i will move on into other work like septagram opening ritual and closing ritual.

According to what i understanding there are four orders

  1. The lesser banishing ritual
  2. The septagram opening ritual
  3. The septagram closing ritual
  4. The lesser banishing ritual

After practices the first ritual am now going to starting with septagram opening ritual then i following with banishing mode of septagram (closing of septagram ritual). And lastly am ended with banishing pentagram.

Is there any personal experience during performing or after performed the lesser pentagram ritual a person my experience. I am curious here

Correct me if i misunderstood you somewhere … Thanks

It’s seems like i can add also some other magical operations according to to the statement before final closing of the septagram ritual

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