Running water

I heard a short thing where EA was discussing the concept of being near 'running water" for increasing Evokation success etc. I did n’t hear enough to really make sense of it.
I am gathering the materials i need to get my Temple built hopefully finished by march. I have an idea where if I hear EA right maybe it would be a good addition.

Place one of those $20-ish water fountains, one in each cardinal point- but instead of them running off their own water, connect them with tubing, effectively taking the water in a full circuit around the entirety of my Temple.

Sounds kinda wierd. My only problem is I like as soundproof a room as I can get, so I am wondering will the sound of the water be an assist in any way?


Hauntings are usually more prevalent near a water source (moving, or the worst - old capped-off wells) - if you accept Emoto’s work as legit, that could be becxause the crystalline structure of the water is programmed by the strong emotions of the past residents, and keeps kind of “replaying” - which would boosat any other forces, such as lingering egregoric veils, or genuine spirits.

For that reason, and without having tested it myself, you might need to carefully cleanse your water fountains after specific types of work, such as baneful workings or necromancy.

Rivers and lakes have been considered gateways to the spirit realms across almost all cultures, for example in Hinduism,

But I guess the real answer to “will this help YOU?” is, do a reading on it! :slight_smile:

Eva is right about the Emoto thing but water loses its structure as it flows so the energy is released also google Kelvin generator and you will begin to understand what is happening and why you must connect the fountains.

However it does build in oxygen and this is released into the air over time. Molecules are weird things.


Whatever the mechanism, it’s common for hauntings to occur near water, moving or static, it’s a pretty well-known thing at least in the UK - here’s a list of some reported hauntings, for example:

Also, ghost ships on the oceans, and paranormal experiences at sea are widely reported, it’s creepy stuff, the old H2O! :slight_smile:

Thanks the connecting the fountains out of wherever- the more i thought on it the more logic it grew. I like being able to key into things no matter how small.