Running Around in the Darkness

Awesome, didn’t know that Bune could help with senses

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Well I asked Bune about money-related stuff. I haven’t asked her to help with senses yet. Just Loki

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Ok, did Bune answered in dreams, voices or how did comunicated if i can ask?

Loki keeps jacking with me. Long story short, I won’t have my runes, pendulum, or any of my tools for a month or two. But I ordered a new tarot deck. Anyways, I found Loki’s talisman in my bag. :smiley:

But he keeps popping up, trying to give me a scare, and I’ve got a mild infatuation with all things related to him.

I’ll call him tonight and see what’s up.

Somebody misses meee

Clairaudience Speed-Run Attempt 1 07/06 - 07/13
What’s happening:

  • Different exercises/rituals every day (focus on clairaudience)

  • 45 minutes of meditation daily

  • 45 minutes dedicated to astral travel

  • 20 minutes of tarot practice daily

  • An hour or two should be spent researching, learning, or reading about anything related to improving my craft.

  • Loki will be included in every aspect of this

So, I’ll start this today. I’ve got an array of resources from BALG on improving clairaudience. I’m going to ask Loki to help me with this and really dedicate myself to this. I’d like to do this each month, just dedicate a whole week, to improving some aspect of my craft.

I’m not expecting anything crazy, but I hope to see some progress. Loki and I’s breakthrough was pretty motivating. But that was so long ago, and I’ve been busy. I’ll post each day a daily recap on what occurred and really anything relevant.


Clairaudience Speed-Run - Day 1 08/06

  • I was pretty positive. But Loki’s energy has been with me constantly. He was playing games this last week, but guess who didn’t fall for these? So now Loki’s flooded the area with this playful, cheeky energy :smiley: But onto this speed-run: Clairaudience is actually one of my strong suits. I’m quite interested in what I can accomplish this week.

  • So I started off with this post’s resources, such as this frequency audio to listen to. Now, mind you, I like to do these stoned. I’m more open during those moments. Though, I know it’s a little bit of a crutch.

  • I’m knee-deep in the search function. I looove just spending countless hours reading through posts.

  • I saw this link about the throat chakra being related to your clairaudience ability. I think I’ll do a guided meditation on this.

  • I was reading this thread, and they mention “listening to the silence” to train your clairaudience. I do this without really putting a name to the action. It just becomes natural if I focus on my meditation and I’m deep in it. I practiced this a bit, and I thought I heard humming, but who knows? It could have been some sound from around the house.



I’m so lazy. But, I’m still working on my senses. No one worry.

I think I’m going to call Bune about increasing my workload.


So an update on how things are going -

Super well. I think :sweat_smile:

I meditated last night in an effort to hear anything. I called to Loki. Shortly after I asked him to show me he was here, a spider crawled on my hand. Bad deal. Lol. Anyways I was able to hear this “tapping” sound. But it wasn’t totally clear and almost echoed or trailed off. I heard it twice. Then pulled out of my meditation because I thought it was something around the house. When I resumed meditating, it happened again. Twice in total.

Later I heard what sounded kind of like a humming. Not too sure. I haven’t been focusing on tarot like I wanted to. But right now, I’m really busy with work. I still plan to contact Bune later.


Hey guys! I can’t believe my last update was so long ago. Anyways, I’m going to make the cashbook with Nitika. I spent too much time reading about other people’s experiences with this and Nitika. My interest has been piqued, and I’d love to see how this goes. I’ll update you guys once it’s made.


I cannot express how strongly I’ve wanted to just completely dedicate my life to this path. Over the last year I’ve continuously thought of this. Disappearing into the forest with the spirits that rule it.

Buuut, unfortunately, life doesn’t work that way. And I remain a witch captive to the modern world.


One thing about my manifesting, it only really works when I verbally speak it into existence. I can play around with spells for partial results, but speaking my will into existence with a whole lot of intent and confidence has always yielded the strongest results.

I’m writing this to remind myself in the future, because I always seem to forget this when I’m having a little self-doubt moment


Keep writing in here! It inspires me, lol.

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I’m glad! Love that this is inspirational to someone else. This has turned into my spot for documenting what I’ve got going on. So don’t worry, there will be plenty of updates to come :smiley:

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Something fun happened. I say fun, but I’m so drained. So I ended up reading a lot of tarot for a couple of people I’m close to. I’ve been limited on reading tarot for others just because of my lack of experience but we went at this for an hour or more. A lot of perspective and insights were given. We were one hand of reading in and everyone started taking it very seriously. My reading skills aren’t as poor as i thought. I’m finally understanding my cards.

Thank you, Loki! Considering the situation around how this session even began was his doing.

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Idea- connect with a chatty spirit who you can easily sense and ask them to present you with tarot spreads by pointing out the cards to use, then let them explain the connection.

This builds so much trust rapidly, both between you and the spirit and you realize you can connect the tarot to various sources and influences.

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I definitely will give this a shot today. Loki and I have done something like this on a minimal basis. Usually he’s just talking to me through tarot. But actually building spreads sounds like an amazing idea. Thank you for the suggestion!

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Alright, my update for today.

I came across the three suns and then void meditation.

Oh, I cannot express how excited I am to get into this.

Last night, I did the three suns meditation, I didn’t go farther than that and I had the vision of my grandma trying to talk to me. When I stopped the meditation I already knew she’d message me. Around 20 minutes after the meditation she messaged me.

But diving into the void has really piqued my curiosity. I’ve had a couple people look at my soul, and I’ve gotten responses that my soul looks like the void. I know many people on here talk about how their souls are pieces of gods, demons, etc. I’ve never felt any type of way about my soul. It is what it is. But I’m curious to see what comes out of being in the void and I am really committing to building my psychic abilities.

But the three suns mediation was amazing. Once I got passed the first sun, it felt as though the other two came naturally. I just meditated as they moved through my body. And once I finished, I felt like I was floating. I let the visions come and that’s when I saw my grandma.

I’ll update you guys further once I’ve gone deeper into this meditation.


Something intriguing occured in my dreams. I tried to meditate before bed but it seemed like my mind was being bombarded with random words, phrases, photos. Nothing of actual use so I decided to call it and just go to sleep. I had a dream that didn’t show anything special. The dream consisted of being at my childhood home, seeing my siblings, and a flood of some sort began.

But at some point during the dream a piece of paper appeared before me. On this paper were some letters ASTA they kept morphing until they showed the name SITRI. I continued to hear the name several times. It rang through my head a bit throughout the dream and when I woke up it was the first thing on my mind.

This is quite interesting as I’ve never looked deeply into Sitri, I’ve read very briefly on this daemon in the past. Nothing extensive. But I got lost in the search function of the forum this morning and I see he handles things related to relationships, lust, sex.

I’m going to go out on a limb and say he reached out to me in the dream. But I’m not sure why. I’m not looking for the things he handles as I’m in a long-term relationship already. I checked out S. Connolly’s book in an attempt to see what else he governs. But again I was presented with the above abilities. I’ll contact him later and speak to him. I’m extremely curious.

Considering before bed I was reading the forum, mostly Conner Kendall’s posts in relation to the Seal he’s recently shared. I’d made a few personal decisions to actively work on my abilities and make progress towards goals instead of procrastinating and remaining at the same level I’m at. DarkestKnight’s journal has inspired me as of late to really give this my all. I am desperate to move further. It’s time I dedicate myself to this path regardless of where my life is. I’ve always blamed life for getting in the way.

But it’s time I put priority on Magick.

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I’m posting this as a reference for later -

Sitri’s sigil:
Sitri's Sigil

Sitri’s enn: Lirach Alora vefa Sitri

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I’ve been spending a lot of time studying Norse mythology further and learning more about runes. And let me tell you, my dreams are constantly swirling with all things Norse.

Today I’ll spend the day with my runes. I want to understand them deeper. Further than random descriptions in books or on the internet. I want to understand each one for what it is and the power it holds.

I’ll do the three suns meditation again today and try to further it to the next step of entering the void.

I’ve got an offering for Loki that i need to acquire. When I was half asleep I kept hearing in my head that he wants berries. I’ll find some today.

I also want to make note, that I constantly find a certain rune going missing from my set - Kenaz. Go figure. I’ve got an idea of who might be behind the runaway rune :laughing:

I’ve yet to contact Sitri. I’ve decided to do this further in the future. There’s enough on my plate as it is with the Norse pantheon. And this is the path I want to follow and focus my energy on for now.

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