Running Around in the Darkness

I tried to do the human thing and work out my issues. No one wants to be truthful sooo looks like we’ll be doing this a different way with the help of Sraagbel.

I fucked up my fast at the 37 hour mark. Im restarting :roll_eyes:

Spell I did the other day is manifesting wonderfully.

Had someone reach out to me on reddit about commissioning a spell. I don’t usually do things like this, but I figured I’d hear them out. I usually just give out spells I’ve created and tell people to do it themselves. But I’ve considered actually doing paid spells before. I don’t knooow

Every time I get drunk I just want to go lay in the cemetery.

Only once have I acted on these feelings :innocent:

Fehu has money and new clients flowing. I have too much work and I don’t know what to do. i desperately need to spend more time meditating. Also, while i was trying to sleep last night something occurred… I was lying on my stomach, and it felt like a hand pressed down on my spine and rubbed back and forth, but vibrational energy was flowing into my back. I hear like a voice or something I don’t understand and then I hear a laugh. I am 80% sure it was Loki. I’ve become accustomed to his giggles when he’s messing with me. No clue what he was up to.

I think this weekend I’m going to work on astral projecting and meditating. I am desperate to feel that “slip” again. I just need to get more used to “falling” into the astral and I wont shoot myself out the moment it happens like the last two times.

I’ve got to stop commenting spells and advice on the witch/witchcraft subreddits. My inbox is filled with people wanting spells done, more advice, and to answer questions.

I don’t mind answering questions, but these people are so demanding and entitled for easily google-able answers. There’s no need to spam me with increasingly demanding messages because you can’t figure out what herbs to use for a love spell. Google it.

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I’m off to acquire a green candle because I really want to give this spell a shot. I usually use Fehu for money, and she never disappoints. But I’d love to give this a shot because why not.

Good luck with the spell. May I ask you how to work with Fehu?

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Fehu and I have a bit of a history. I’m sure this rune is carved on my heart.

But now whenever I need a quick boost of money, I’ll draw Fehu on my wrist, or light a candle with the rune carved into it. I do either of these two things for three days.

If I draw Fehu on my wrist usually within 24 hours I’ll have a slow trickle of new clients and within 48 hours that trickle turns into a flood and will leave me with more work or job opportunities than I know what to do with. But if I light a candle, I’ll do this for three days in a row. The results are a little slower with the candle.

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Alright guys, I think I’m going to give it another shot with Bune. I really want it to work with the Duchess, for some reason. I did the lil petition last time with what were great results at first, but then the money was taken back :sweat_smile: Not sure how I feel about that still.

But, I’m going to use the simple evocation guide and call Bune tonight and make a request to work with her/build my writing business up even more.

Fehu does bring me work, but I just want to give this another shot with Bune. :crossed_fingers:


I didn’t ever do an update on this and I should’ve - I’d like to thank Belial. Because, looking back, i received a VERY good outcome, even tho it wasn’t what I originally wanted. The more I think about it, the more I think he did come through. I plan on reaching out to him, apologizing for not realizing what he had done earlier and requesting his help again with a promise to be more observant and appreciative of his help.

Alright, I’m going to be honest. I’m feeling just a teeny bit nervous about tonight with Bune, but also super hyped. For whatever reason, since deciding earlier I’d call Belial again, I’d say my heart is more excited about that. I’ve always had a fascination for him. I blame Lady Eva’s wonderful threads. Plus, I crave chaos.

I don’t know if I’ve shared my first try with evocation here. But maybe you guys would like to hear about it.

The first time I tried to evoke a demon, I tried with Clauneck. And boy, was I in over my head. At this point, i hadn’t really messed with powerful entities. I had jacked around with spirits and whatnot. Just common ones that hung out in the area. Nothing fancy. I was pretty good with astral travel and whatnot. And i was extremely sensitive to all types of energy.

So be me, desperate to get a job, to have an income, i was in a bad situation - Chilling in a foreign country with a job that kicked the bucket. I’d read on hear about Clauneck being ideal and I had a basic ideal of how to call him.

So i sit down, and I’m like “This can’t be that intense? I’ve dealt with spirits, I know what they’re about.”

Twas, not the case, ladies and gentlemen.

I sit down with his sigil, I call him, I think I used his enn, and I meditate. And just when I think that it didn’t work the energy in the room totally changes, and the room seemed like it darkened. At this point, I’m like, “oh god what have I just gotten myself into.”

I hear footsteps walk behind me. and it was like he just stood there, waiting for me to do something. I did not look behind me. But I’m totally spooked, and I thank him for joining, vaguely state I’m struggling with work. I don’t really formally request anything because all I can think about is the fact that I’ve called a legitimate entity that can totally fuck me up. I thanked him for his time again and said goodbye.

He leaves and I decided not to jack with something if i can’t handle its energy.

Anyways, this was 5 or so years ago. And there ya go, the story of how i first tried (and successfully) to call a demon.

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So last night was pretty uneventful. Well, more or less. Before I got started, while I was setting up my area, something was watching me. I was in one room and it was in the hallway. This is the second time I’ve noticed this in the house around this time - 2am.

Anyways, I got myself all set up and began the evocation. I thought I heard footsteps outside the door to the room I was in. Then the energy in the room totally changed. It was like warm and fuzzy. My face got so warm. I talked to Bune and told her my request, along with that I’d like this to be an ongoing thing in terms of us working together. I was having all the trouble hearing or seeing anything. Though anytime I looked at her sigil and focused on it, it would change. I used my pendulum at some point and everything seemed positive. Afterwards I ended the evocation and saged the room.

Tbh, I didn’t sage the room due to Bune, but due to whatever was in the corner watching. It took off when I started calling Bune, but something felt off in that area. As soon as I saged everything the energy felt better.

I will say, that warm energy I felt in my face stayed for a good hour or so. The room is pretty cool from the A/C so that was odd for me. Lol

Otherwise, I’d say this went well. I look forward to seeing what comes of this. I asked Bune if I could reach out to her again, and my pendulum gave me a definite yes. Pretty happy with that.

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I finally made Loki a talisman. I wanted to carve the stone, but honestly, the thought of me going at it with a knife seemed like a bad idea.

I’ve been missing my favorite trickster and I knew a way to make up for being so busy lately. :smiling_face_with_three_hearts:

I don’t know what possessed me to add the gold to it. But i think it turned out great. Loki loves it too.

I’ve left this stone in my rune bag with my other runes for the last 3 months after discovering it on the beach. About two months ago, I wanted to use it for this purpose but never got around to it. I had determined that I’d make a talisman for Loki back in October, but I couldn’t ever decide what or how I wanted to do it. But, my heart feels all warm and fuzzy over this one. Totally expecting my wallet and or vape to go missing tomorrow. :heart:

Guess who loves his talisman? I’m really happy.

I asked him if he liked it and got a prompt no.
My heart just dropped, and so I was like, “Oh, is there something I should change??”
Again another no.
So I’m like “…okay… Do you love it?”
To which my pendulum gave me a very strong yes.

He wanted me to take a nap and put it under my pillow. In fact, any time I move somewhere and don’t take it with me, he has a lil moment. But I slept with it under my pillows and I had the most vivid dreams I’ve had in years. He popped up nearly immediately, but not without scaring me first. Per the usual. Then he had me lay down and he pulled me out of my dream body? hard to describe. There were different moments where I’d start to wake up and he’d pull me right back in.

I’m glad he loves his talisman. I’m currently burning a black candle for him and I’ve devoted the whole day to him. He chose rose quartz to sit with his talisman and the candle. That was new.

The great Duchess is already coming through for me, so I’ll be picking up her offering tomorrow. And I’ll do another evocation session to thank her later this weekend.

Since I did her ritual, I’ve had so many new clients rolling in. Literally, out of nowhere, contacting me for work. I am booked solid for articles. I don’t know where I’ll find the time. This is wonderful.


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So I did participate in the group ritual from the other day. And I’m so happy I did. I have had a lot easier time connecting with Loki since then. The link takes you to my comment on my experience during the ritual. I’m super hyped for when the video will be uploaded. I’d love to watch how everything went.

Now, I think I need to do a chakra cleansing. Something’s blocked somewhere. I’m not going to diagnose which one. I think an overall cleansing would only be beneficial. I’ve found a three hour meditation that goes through each one. I’ll give it a shot and then try something else if it doesn’t work.

On another note, I love (sarcasm) Loki’s need to give me the wrong answer sometimes. I swear, he just loves to jack with me. I need to find another wonky candle to leave for him to make up for his jokes.

Edit: I just wanted to braaaag, I got my regular badge on here finally. Only took three years :sweat_smile:

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Hey guys, it’s been a little bit since I updated this. Everythings fine. I’ve gone back to the US for now. I managed to avoid some issues I thought would cause problems at the border ~ Thanks, Loki.

Now I’m thinking of contacting Bune again about making more money with work this month.

Hope everyone is doing well!


Cool, do You have Your senses Open, can You comunicate directly to them (specially Bune)?

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So I am not amazing at communicating directly. It’s so sad, in my teens, I could hear them without an issue. But at this point, I heavily rely on my pendulum. With Loki, I have a much better line of communication. We are constantly making progress with my abilities. But, with entities like Bune or ones I don’t have a solid connection with, I can’t hear at all.

My last deal with Bune was one where I didn’t get a concrete yes. But she still agreed and kept up her end of the deal and then some. I did the group ritual last month, and that really helped me make a jump in progress with opening my sense.

For the next few months, I’ll focus on opening my sense rather than using tools like my pendulum or runes. It’s time I become more independent.


Awesome, didn’t know that Bune could help with senses

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