Runic Mystery

Plain & simple doe’s anyone recognise this beside’s the fact its a rune & able to read in full, many year’s of searching & so far it’s secret’s go un-cracked outside of the possablity of 2 of 5 part’s as far as my own reasearch has yealded so far.

Nauthiz & Ansuz to the modern fathark alphabet I can confirm but the rest I have not found thus far.

The basic run down is I discovered this powering a very large portal on a very old hand carved bed head that had been passed down down multiple generation’s. A real surviver given it is atleast 300 year’s old but the owner’s had no idea that rune was present until I was drawn to it like a electro magnet & showed them for them self’s, I have to say it was well hidden under the bed on a side rail & covered by a support timber.

It’s worth noting I was at their home for another reason of spiritual working, regarding a hornet’s nest of issue’s they were having & this just pulled me in on the way the the source of there issue’s & was resolved with some understanding to the best of my knowledge those spirt’s still reside with them & all is well know :).

This was just a chance find that has happened before But I will cover that another time if it’s ever relevent.

Id’e love to hear everyone’s thought’s on this mystery rune.

Id’e also love to hear from E.A on this topic as well, when the time is free even breifly your a very hard man to get into contact with directly so far.

Nauthiz, Ansuz, Laguz, Kenaz, Isa, Sowilo.

Thank you :), Rune’s arent something im very good at reading even given all this time.

Iv’e got alot of reading ahead of me know, Good to finally find someone who can read it properly :slight_smile:

I can’t imagine that’s a very common rune combonation based on all the exsperianced people that have tryed to decifer it, or am I way off on that assumption?

As i understand the practice of bind runes they work in a a near identical function to western sigil magick just with the runes as the central focus. I don’t work with them myself so i couldn’t say for sure. Closest i get to them is breaking down points of focus in norse lore into runic formula for meditation foci and galdr work.

After reading up breifly on an emerging riddle & governing force’s from individual meaning’s of part’s of the translation from “Mephisto” with understanding in time and some meditation as you suggest “Dinmiatus”. I may also be able to get some kind of vision’s from lucid dreaming 6 hour posting prior lead’s to another journey, Ill keep this post alive with update’s from time to time when new information is discovered on the topic.


Small but helpful after a quiet insiteful meditaion in the seat of my soul on deepest fear’s after a clog in the flow of energy that lead to 3 leech’s breaking through my property’s energy barrier last night as in 4/10/2020 for refference later on,That seat looking as a beach, With a huge deep lake at the center, Enveloped in a forest & Mountain’s in the back drop.

As well as the reading of that rune by mephisto “full credit to their skill’s there” then after breaking it all down into individual principal’s I focused in on “The guide leads you to the doorway, then waits for your return.” & calling on the elder’s with no form i.e essence’s of light, dark & nuetral I was able to discover the 3 fear’s causing such blockage via meditation “even though my 75kg dog is a noisy ass sleeper :(”.

Death, Acceptence & Deceit, in that order right at the bottom of that lake rendering the leech’s powerless.

Long story short feeling better & stronger again, But I still wish to learn more as I said before update’s will be coming but frequincy I cannot say 100%.

After applying the principal’s in question after “mephisto”'s translation & working on Death, Acceptence & Decite fear’s I can safley say I have hit a fork I cannot walk in the middle of. Time to link back in fully with an old freind & contiue my work’s side by wing with 0 fear’s & 0 protection :slight_smile:

May I ask how you got to this conclusion from those runes?

Dream’s & meditation’s in the seat of my soul.

I keep my negativity in a giant black water lake there to contain it so it doesn’t spread to the forsest & mountian’s, I went deeper than I ever dared & those resided at the bottom of it’s deepest darkest depth’s waiting for acnolagment.

Also I have a genuine phoboia of drowning in more than just the pysical aspect, this bit is literal.

When I was much younger the ocean draged me into cave of foam under a cliff edge with no escape when a hurricane swell’s had sneaked in slamming water into sea cave’s along side cliff’s myself & 2 freind’s of myn were dragged to by a huge ripp current, Lucky Im still alive the I have perminant scar’s from the rock’s cutting me up remind me of this.

One of them pulled me out while the other found some fishermen to help myself & my freind helping me otherwise I would have been dead before at 21.

Incase you were wondering if if they are connected “no” not with these discovery’s & “yes” with my respect for the power’s of wind & water that followed ever since.