Runic Magick Journal of Morpheus

So I’m gonna be putting some off hand ideas I have had of runes and connecting them. I’m seeking a deeper and renewed initiation into the runes due to a part of my Odin Pathworking.

Fehu F rune

Fehu is a rune of wealth nourishment and strength. Its strength aspect lies on the results of its primary correspondences. Fehu literally means cattle which can be seen as property,possession,wealth or power. The first primordial cow Audumla who nourished Ymir and formed the plane of existence from the nothingness is associated with this rune. Connecting of Fehu with love magick can be drawn however that’s not the primary purpose so the rune and its effect have to be ‘tinkered’ for that particular affect. Fehu is also the rune of Frejya and thus is connected with fertility,magick and passion. Fehu is called the rune of nourishment as it can affect the ability of a individual to cook better which is a affect that can be confirmed by me although I would seek other gnosis on that. Invoking Fehu is the same as doing it with any other rune which is the use of Galdr and then making a physical vessel of the rune temporarily or permanently. Fehu is seen also as the creation rune and thus also connects to magick due to the very nature of magick being to create or manifest. Fehu can have side effects however its essence is very strong and can be used for wards and protection spells. Fehu reversed can mean loss of property and wealth and is used as a source of power along with a upright fehu rune in ritual for destroying a person(personal gnosis, appreciate having other ideas)

The rune thurisaz and Fehu are connected intimately in my study as Thurisaz refers to struggle, obstacles and all in all a rougher way and fehu represents wealth and power. A proper accumulation of wealth cannot be successfully gained from nothingness and struggle in that regard is an important part of that.

The old poem also connects the runes with Odin and Thor and the need for struggle:

From Gautrek’s Saga

Odin said: “I grant him an abundance of possession.”
Thor said: "I impose on him a state of dissatisfaction with all that he possesses."

U rune Uruz

Uruz is a rune that connects Fehu to Thurisaz. Fehu is connected to the cosmic cow audumla and Uruz connects to the aurochs which are bison like animals that lived till the 17th century. The rune in its base form represents change and strength. The esoteric meaning of this rune is Chaos and Materialism-Spirituality Duality. Uruz is the chaos from the forbidden shadowy void of ginnungagap that has manifested in our reality. Using Uruz for metamorphosis of physical and mental state is adviced. The connection of this rune is to the elements of Ice and earth. Conjuration of this rune causes a change in the mental and physical abilities of the caster as the rune awakens the dormant primordial nature that is inside every human. In my personal UPG I would designate this rune to the serpent due to the very nature of it. Uruz in its inverse form means stagnation, loss and inability to grasp anything. Uruz is a rune that is very much dealt with change and suffering due it being in the middle of Fehu and Þurisaz. It connects wealth to pain and suffering and vice versa. It is the bifrost that connects Ásgardr the land of the Æsir to Midgardr. In order to awaken this one rune the galdr must be strong and the rune must be awakened from its sleep. Uruz is a key that leads to the hidden tunnels that connect the lands through the world tree.

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Do you know the Armanen runes?

Ah, I love this system.I assume you read Kummer?

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I’ve read von List, Thorsson and some papers I’ve found on Scribd, I’m more connected with those runes than with the regular futhark

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Writer of Rune Might? I have it at my hands but not gonna lie its still advanced for me (Actually runes in general). So I hadnt touch them yet but I can hardly wait.

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Yes, from that book I worked with the Armanen for the first time, it features a table with each rune and their uses, it also features runic yoga and runic mudras. Later I got interested in how those runes are related to the Holy Qabalah and I’m currently working with that

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I made this connection from how Franz Bardon put it in last phase of his book who he used in his inner circle.Its the third chapter, just like his third book, Key to True Kabbalah.Notice how both deal with phonetic magick, and similar things.I think he used Kabbalah instead of runes because he was considering that real runemasters were all gone.


I’m not very familiar with Bardon, but I got into that subject because the Qabalah as we know it, was developed by European Jews, thus the Qabalah incorporates European culture. When I read Guido von List for the first time, or even when I saw Thorsson’s table, I found their explanations Qabalistic as fuck, or maybe the Qabalah is Germanic as fuck :thinking:

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Awesome journal

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I haven’t. I once read a bit on that but I’m currently on the runes due to a pathworking project.

I do think this rune or younger futhark can be used for kabbalah as well if one understands the underlying principles that connects runes to the realms.

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Thank you

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Th þ rune þ(Th)urisaz

The third rune þurisaz is a rune I have been interested about. The rune in its basest interpretation is Thorns or giants. Thurisaz is a rune that is the force of the void that existed before Óđhinn and his pantheon. In magical systems Þurisaz is considered to mean the powers of chaos and abyss which is slightly true. Some of the runes are so magnificent that one definition cannot fully explain it. Þurisaz deals with thorns or giants both of which represent strength. One will see vines and thorns to be not physically too strong however they have adapted to cause maximum damage. Þurs or the Giants possess Esoteric knowledge from Ymir’s time that the Æsir don’t hence the battles and sacrifices for knowledge. The strength of Þurs comes from their physical stature and their wisdom that they use. Þurisaz represents the concept of trade of energy. Sacrifices must be made for things thus the laws that govern magick. Some magical laws have been theorized and experimented which are confirmed by Þurisaz. Since Men have strength better þurisaz also deals with male sexuality and it can also affect women in the same way. Þurisaz is also the rune of þòrr’s hammer Mjölnir made by the dwarves. The hammer is used to protect Midgardr from Þurs and is also used by a part þur himself. The significance of such is that one possesses the chaos that is primordial in itself. The darkness and savagery must be released yet controlled or one shall lose themselves. A man who wields his savagery has the ability to change and cause metamorphosis. This rune in its harsh violence aspect can be used for protection wards by mixing it with Eiwhaz.

Inverse þ rune

Investing of this rune can mean weakness,fragility and chances to be overwhelmed. In baleful magick þurisaz is a valuable asset for cursing an enemy.

My runic poem for þurisaz

Touch has made man with the fire
Forged from the void which held the pyre
Ymir the first one
Darkness collapsing and waiting to be born

Pain and suffering met him in the middle
Caricature of flesh and gore playing the fiddle
Shrug the loss and move forward
Only then Man has found the true wonder

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Ansuz The A rune

Ansuz is a rune that literally means God or spirit communication. The designation of the rune with Odin and communication and wisdom goes deeper as the perceiving of Odin as a mercurial entity also is present here. Mercurial entities generally deal with communication and wisdom that is gained from the ‘akasha’ which is shown in the rune pretty clearly. The rune connects to the idea of divine communication and gaining of wisdom. The rune also means harmony which is Odin’s role in the norse epics. Despite Odin born from the chaos he maintains order through any means and even left Asgardr to let the Æsir avoid conflicts for some time. If the rune Fehu is the rune of creation and physical matter Ansuz is the rune of strength and power that holds the powers together and is the mind and the soul which tedhers everything to the material plane. Ansuz in its upright form represents Peace, harmony, coming of wisdom, spiritual growth and loss of fear.

Ansuz Reversed

When ansuz is reversed it means loss of spiritual means,binding of the soul and spiritual weakness. Cursing using the rune allows a mage to attack and constrain the target and limit their spiritual prowess.

expect an update soon since I dont think I channeled about much of the capabilities of Ansuz