Hey guys! So, something really draws me into runes lately and I think I’ll answer the call. I’m aware that runes can be used as divination tools (no idea how though) but I’m also aware that they’re much more powerful than that, in a sense that each rune is an entity. I also don’t plan on using them for divination purposes I think.

I don’t know anything else about them though, not even which rune is what. So, I would like some advice and really any kind of info about runes (I do know many things about sigils but I don’t know if they work in a same manner). I would appreciate any kind of help!

PS: I’m not sure if this goes in the Norse magick category.

Wooh! I can help someone! I actually just started working with Runes as well. I purchased E.A’s Norse Magick course and I would recommend it. Here is a list of Runes that I was looking at. It is said to ignore the popular meanings and let them speak to you for a customized experience.

As for deeper experience, I will leave that to someone else.


Thanks! That will help me a lot with understanding the runes and their meanings.

Anything else you know? Perhaps an experience you had with them? Also, in order to hear them I guess I mean I should meditate with them in my mind? Like summoning an entity with its sigil.

I carve runes into my candles because I feel they give meaning and help with what I’m trying to do


It’s true that using them while casting spells or doing rituals can boost your results a lot.

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that’s what I do also is use them with sigils

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That’s indeed useful.

As I’ve learned, you intone the rune’s name while focusing on the sound and the symbol. I am only on Fehu (first rune) at the moment so I cannot offer much more than that. However, making your own runes intensifies your power since they are made from your own hands, as with anything custom made in magick. After I can see the runes in my head by thought, Im going to set about making my own.


Thanks! This clarifies a lot of my questions indeed!

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I didn’t know you can make your own runes interesting

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I guess it’s like making your own sigil. You create it and since it’s a rune you can give it a name and a purpose. Then you need to charge it and give it strength.

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nice I’ll work on this to


E.A made his own from cattle bones in the video series and consecrated them. In fact, that was a whole section on its own. He also mentioned there were binding runes which were a merging of other runes to make one super rune for yourself.


That seems advanced for me though (at least for now since I need to practice with runes first)

Agreed. I want to know the runes first before I bring my own intent into a set of my own creation. Great fortune on your rune studies. Thank you for asking about a topic I can give my limited knowledge on. I dont feel like such a leech now asking all the questions I do haha.

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The runes are a great system on their own. I would recommend reading a few books about them, get a bit of a grasp of the meaning of each, and then do a path working to understand their deeper meaning, each rune is a consciousness of it’s own. Spend at least 3 days exploring each one.

out side of divination you can chant the runes like a mantra, use bind runes as sigils and even evoke the aspect of each rune themselves. :slight_smile:


There are also pre-existing bind runes you can look up online and elaborate sigil runes like The Runic Compass etc that you can find information on in Google-land. Some have full mythologies attached like the Sleep Thorn. They typically need to be charged with blood.

Another similar system to Runes is the Celtic Ogam, if you ever have interest in expanding into other divinatory territories in the future.

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Thanks guys, these are some good suggestions/advices.

@Jac_DeVinna don’t worry about it. Once you gain more experience and knowledge, you’ll be able to help more and more people.

@boredomkill5 Thanks, I’ve also heard that if I draw them on a paper and “charge” them, I can be able get results like that. E.A. I think said that if you take the first rune and feel it glowing and stuff, wealth will come to you, just like sigils work.

@Castalia Google-land? Is it the legendary land that only high ranked magicians are allowed? In order to enter you need a special magic tool called a “smartphone” or something like that. The power of it is over 9000! XDD
That being said, I’ll prefer using runes only for now just to practice. Since I won’t be using them for divination (at least not yet). I also never use blood, so I guess I’ll be using the traditional focus on it way XD


How do you do that. Is there some ritual to it?

Sort of but also not. When I use bind runes, I think of the meaning of what I want manifested into my life and combine the associated runes together to bind them for their effect. For instance, if I want self-wealth and want to value myself, I will combine Fehu with Mannaz so I get “Self-Wealth”