Would writing the runes on your body like on the hands or the shoulders embody the conscience of the rune unto the self. Alone. Without the poems spoken?

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The poems help you understand the cultural aspect. But there is a side of the runes that go much deeper than culture, or any recorded popular aspect. Making them a part of you is part of the great work of understanding your own inner power. In this light, when making them a part of you, think of each Rune as a mirror.

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So every time i write one on myself it is showing me different aspects of the self

No. That’s just like using physical tools. The real knowledge and power is locked within the self. The runes are sigils for understanding that.

So meditate on the sigil and write down what comes to mind then?

There’s runic yoga, but I never got into it. Some involved two people and was sexual in nature, but it’s been some time since I was into runes. Learning the poems by heart is important for internalisation (and Magick).



You should.get into Runic Yoga as an excuse to see Sexy girls in ass tight yoga pants

So I saw your other posts about Anger. Doing curses in certain cases is a.waste of time. For self-growth purposes you end up wasting energy on Wild Goose Chases. Instead, if you should release the energy, do so as an Act of Transformation. Ones Anger can be used as a motives Force to propel one to awaken. Think of the anger as nothing more than a program that can be replaced with something better and useful. How? Well repetition in spell work on ones self creates changes over time. Yeah it’s hard work, but worth it as a long-term goal.

Depends on how you personally view it. If you are drawing the rune on yourself with intent to draw on its consciousness then I would make a little extra effort in vibrating, chanting or galdr the rune also. Make it a more solid thing.

Personally i found audio on the poems they threw me into a form of trance . as i tried to internalize them

And by internalize i visualized the runes as the poems were being said