Runes to Help a Homeless Person

Since I know this category is Norse based, I will ask for Norse Help.

I was transferred from a decent facility to a doldrum. I threw tarot spread for my yesterday on Wednesday night. Let’s just say that the morning was going to be rough which it was afternoon I was going to run to a lady- it happened but evening was supposed to be promising- it was not….

I currently reside in NYC homeless shelter… I was transferred because I turned down an apartment that I didn’t like. But I found a really good apartment elsewhere. I wanted to refuse the first one, that was counter offered to me from the beginning, but I was afraid to do so, because of a potential scolding. I’m a sober individual, I just can’t work because of an Eye problem. I also have aspergers, OCD, and bipolar disorder.

I have been using my anchors to get the best result, so far it has been mediocre at best….

I want to get my desired apartment ASAP! Which rune is best for this outcome?


Fehu is the rune of abundance. This should be used in all financial matters. Othala is the rune of ancestry and the home and can assist with matters regarding the home.


Kennaz for a new chance

Berkana protection

Raidho as a new neighbourhood, appartement



These for sure

Also you can use Tiwaz for victory and Gebo for a partnership that could help you get what you need OP


Ohh yeah and for your health use Sowillo. If your body is compatible with it, program an energy ball with sunlight and invoke Sowilo along with other entities and then place the energy ball in your solar plexus Chakra. It will heal.

You mentioned health problems so I thought I’d suggest this

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I’m happy people help each others

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What if it isn’t?