Runes and Associated Deities

I thought I’d create a different category. Anyway, most people when they explore this magickal category they always associate it with Odin, or Giants. I was bored of always hearing about Odin. I’ve explored them myself and found many different interesting creatures.

So instead of talking about Odin and Giants, if anyone wants to talk about “Alternative Realms” and “Creatures,” it would be cool to hear about them. I mean, if you are going to be a true explorer, then whats the point of Copying and Pasting someone elses spirituality by bringing up Odin and Giants? Follow your own source and do true exploration. Ok that ends my rant, you do not even have to care I just wanted to create something new.

For workers I work with alot of Earth Entities lately like Gnomes, dryads, Undines, Nymphs, plants, etc.


Tell me about gnomes. My mind is poluted by the fantasy versions that pervade media and am curious about the real deal.

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I thought undines are water entity?

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I work deeply with the gnomish kingdoms, they love me so much. I have a leprechaun friend sent to me by Lugh. He’s thee most potent being I’ve ever worked with, helping me specialize in luck magic. But yah, gnomes have taught me a lot. Especially through the Amanita.

I have a realm in the wastelands in my town, Phoenixville, which I’ve set up to attract the fae-erie.


the Elder Futhark is divided into three segments/Aetts

There’s Freyja’s Aett, Heimdallr’s aett and Tyr’s Aett