Rune vibration

I have a question regarding the pronouncing (vibrating) of the runes. I want to start using a rosary and vibrating runes followed by affirmations. The problem is I cannot properly pronounce the “R” , because of a speaking defect. Some runes , in order to be correctly vibrated, necesit the rolling of the “R” like R-R-R-R-R-R-R…
Is there an alternative for this or ?
Every answer is appreciated . Thanks!

All ritual comes down to what works for you. Not knowing what your speech impediment is or how it works, I think the best advice would be to find a sound that you can make that provides a rich vibrational tone inside to your ears, that takes you to a place of meditation.

Now one thing I have learned, a “disability” can be seen as a hinderance, or as an asset. Only you have this specific speech impediment to the degree and tone that you do, and once applied with success at the ritual involved - only you have the direct access to its results in that way.

It becomes very much like a color blind artist. Specific talent and resulting work product from “physical limitations” cannot be exactly duplicated by other artists, making his or her art… irreplaceable and occasionally profound.

Good luck with your work and best regards - RL

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The Havamal confirms this, “The lame can ride a horse, the maimed drive cattle, the deaf can fight and prevail.”

This was a significant statement, coming as it did from an era when exposing babies born with even minor defects was the norm. This is Odin himself affirming that even major physical disabilities are meaningless when it comes to the worth of a person, and their skills in general.

Many of the Norse gods have a “disability” or maiming that’s both honourably acquired and significant to their story - so no minor peculiarity of your own would make you somehow less than perfect and therefore not able to partake of Runic awesomeness! :wink:

I don’t think the system falls apart from minor pronunciation changes anyway because they’ve happened several times to all the vowels and some consonants, have a look at this:

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Temerel i would like to change your paradigm if i might. If you want a truly strong vibration, dont speak form the mouth and the tongue, but from the throat.

What i would like you to do, is to put your hand around your throat, and growl like an animal. you will feel the muscles in your throat vibrate. This is what i was taught to do in my martial arts meditations and it works in occult work as well.

You might find this especially helpful in rune vibrations. Rune magick is very primal and almost animalistic. Dont just say the words, snarl them. the sound should almost sound angry. but it isnt anger necessarily, unless you are doing some angry spell casting. it is the sound of raw wild power.

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Visualize the vibration. The Germanic Vitkis realized the concept that the mouth represented the universe, etc.

In the beginning, there was the word.

If you can find it, there is a book called “Genuine Mediumship”. Old book from the early 1900s. one of the things covered is the relationship between sound, sight and mental energies as vibrations.

I find all your answers very helpful. Thank you!