Rune spreads for Health?

Iam working with runes for some time now and i wanted to ask do you know of any speads that can be used for health issues?

I found a site a while ago that associated certain Tarot cards with health issues, but it does it using Qabalistic and astrological correspondences that are arguably not linked to the Runes - this is the site in case it’s of interest: (I’m not personally a fan of cludging every system together until it comes out as a neat table of “correspondences,” but other people like it, and some seem to get results.)

I’ve not heard of Runes being used to read on health, maybe you could outline a person, or some areas and attributes of human health, on a cloth, then take a handful of Runes drawn blind from a bag and cast it over - see if any land upside-down?

If you had inverted Laguz over the kidneys or heart for example, that may mean problems with the urinary system or edema due to heart failure, inverted Algiz or Thurisaz anywhere could mean structural damage or nerve bockages - but that’s just a guess, I’ve never used them that way.

You’d need a decent overview of anatomy and/or the ability to know what to research for this, though.

You can however locate imbalances in the forces governed by a Rune within the body, and draw it on either the patient themselves, or an image representing them (like a poppet or drawing of a human figure) in the area they need to rebalance that energy, being most careful not to promote an excess - Dagaz for your hypothetical kidney sufferer, not Laguz, for example. I’ve done things like this with considerable success, including on animals.

Thank you as always for the info~ Gonna work more with them and see if the runes lead me anywhere