Rune readings :

Uruz. There is about to be a change coming your way and it’s likely something which will trigger big healing in you as I see a river flowing gently amongst trees.

Pertho. Your life is about to have a change which will change your spiritual path. This change will be very necessary to help you grow especially foe your ascension. Don’t fear and don’t worry for it will not harm you, I see the next few months and even years will bring big changes to your character.

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I’m closing it here. I’ve got a lot of other stuff to do XD

Yes, there is a big obstacle to communication between me and my boyfriend. And my throat chakra is uncomfortable.

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I found a Hoodoo spell online yesterday that could help you. I don’t have any need for it but it may be beneficial for you.

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Interesting im not quite sure what this could mean as i havent been working with anything lately. Perhaps its the fact i havent been doing rituals anymore.

Can i have a reading? thank you

Oh, may I please get a reading? Thank you

interesting. Never thought of necromancy before. Will look into it and I wonder what this new path is about :slight_smile: will be interesting to find out


I am and will definitely be ending a major life situation in December, and have been debating for the longest ending it earlier.

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@Twilight_Dragon - this resonates. I’ll PM you now with a fuller reply x

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That’s great, thank you very much, can you pm me

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Please do for me

Do for me

Thanks a lot. Thank you for the time and dedication. :hugs:

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