Rune Reading Help

i just did my first rune reading and got these as the result, does anyone know the explanation to them?

The runes should turn on your intuition when you see them, they should be a “spark for your lighter :musical_note:” (yes, for some people is that sexual), just like tarot cards. You don’t even have to know the meanings if you want to use them as oracle, but you have to know them if you want to use them for something more

is it bad that i didnt feel that intention? i read up on them but didnt really understand, but the only one i noticed was Laguz, the future one. it mentioned suicide (which i have thought of before but not anymore), so i dont know if i should be worried or not about the Laguz or all of them in general

Death means a lot of thing in magick, like change and orgasms, and Laguz is a rune that relates to the unconscious forces. It could be interpreted as an inner change. Don’t be worried about readings about the future, since the future can change. Through history, predictions have failed almost all the time, so it is better to use divination to fix the present

oh, alright. can you suggest some places i can learn divination? i dont want to be too worriee so i might not do the 4 rune reading and stick to the 1 rune reading, and thanks for the advice :slight_smile:

Read books about the type of divination you want to learn, and take them with a grain of salt, as none of them is an objective truth, but the personal understanding of the author, unless you choose to think that your system is the true one, as I do with Liber 777 (while knowing that it’s not).
You can do divination with almost anything, but what will make you good at it is that your method turns on your inner wisdom. There is divinity in you and in all humans, yet not everybody realize it and they look in external sources for what they already have inside

ah, thank you! what other places can i find divination if i cant get books?
also so sorry to be a bother! ive tried research and havnt found many ways for divination other than tarot (dont have any/cant afford), a pendulum (mine doesnt wanna talk to me), or runes…

When I started with these things, I saved money until I could buy a tarot deck I liked, and then I learned the deck using internet resourcers, such as this one:

she teaches how to use the intuition for readings, which will help you with other forms of divination and also with the Knowledge and Conversation with your Holy Guardian Angel (your Higher Self). She teaches the Rider Waite deck system. If you could get a deck that follows the Rider Waite system, that website would help you a lot.
Later in my life I managed to have an Scribd account, which is like Netflix but of books, like thousands of digital books for like 7 dollars, which I think it’s the best online resource for the modern occult student

alright, ill definitely check her out! thank you so much, i appreciate it!

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