Rune pathworking and other systems of magick


I’ve been planning now for awhile to start to pathworking the runes, meditating five days per rune and carrying the rune with me at all times. I have to say that I’m not that familiar with rune magick or this deep pathworking in general, so my question is how much I am able to use other forms of magick while doing this pathworking? Are there some spirits that I should NOT use during this time? Should my focus be on the power of the runes and the runes only during this time?

You know, I’d like to be able evoke my friends during this time too if I happen to need something. The whole pathworking is going to take almost six months anyways…

Your idea sounds…runetastic!

I’d focus on the runes so you can get the most out of them. On the surface they look like they have very easy to understand correspondences but they can run very deep and you wouldn’t want to miss anything if your attention is divided.

That being said you should be fine to work with any spirit you have a good relationship with while pathworking the runes. Unless the spirit tells you not to contact them (and I can’t imagine why) you should be good.

Yay! Thanks for you advice Orismen :slight_smile:

Yeah, I’ve started to somehow intuit it already that these runes are damn powerful and deep. I guess I’m being called to do this working, I’ve just read some Norse mythology and riffled through Thorssons Futhark and I’ve been already seeing runes everywhere. They appear in my internal vision as I’m lying in my bed at night as well as funny synchronicities in my life.

If any of you have any tips or ideas for this pathworking, please share :slight_smile: I believe this is going to be quite a trip!

Oh man, when I first started my go around with the runes I saw them freaking everywhere. Billboards, on signs…etc.

Try taking a walk through a forest or wooded area and see how many branches or twigs on the ground appear as runes. Better yet ask the forest spirits a question first then see what they have to say to you via those runes.

Runes work with all magick. They are the natural elemental magickal formula underlying all magick. Having a deeper understanding of runes is the same as having a deeper understanding of things around you including your magick. They are also cross-cultural, but you will have to go deeper for that, though they are still “White Culture” magick despite being cross-cultural =)