Roughly drawn demonic seals

Is it just me or does anyone else find it easier to connect with and see neon lines around demonic seals that were roughly hand drawn as opposed to ones that were traced exactly as seen inside the lesser keys of Solomon.

It’s almost like when they are hand drawn without perfection they absorb our own energy from our own faults while drawing the lines so they establish a stronger connection.

Has anyone else experienced this?!


Not sure if it’s that or because you’ve drawn it yourself which I think makes for a stronger connection when opening them.

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I just feel like putting in the effort is what makes the difference. Your drawing doesn’t have to be perfect, I know I draw some oval shaped circles :slight_smile: it’s the intent that charges your spell and eventually makes for a stronger connection and why? cause drawing/preparing is what helps guide our focus

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Drawing it also helps you wind down and ennter theta gamma!


I’ve experienced something similar, when I want a quick request and I don’t have time to dedicate myself to something more “perfectionist”, then I can connect more easily and in less time.

But I always prefer to draw them calmly and perfectly, damn OCD, even more so when I’m going to use them frequently