Rosy's Journal

Decided I might as well have a journal on this site that I can reflect on.

Last night I attempted to do an intranquillity spell on a man (first initial: C) who hurt me. However, I chickened out at the last minute and changed the ritual and summoned President Glasya Labolas in place of the intranquil spirit. Strange as it seems, I would much rather interact with a demon of bloodlust than a human spirit. If Glasya contracts a human spirit on my behalf, I am okay with that, but I don’t know… humans make me uncomfortable. I’ve had bad experiences with living humans and pissing off a dead one with the ability to torment me… nah dawg. :stuck_out_tongue:


Lol always best to go with your intuition on things like this. As someone whose been able to see dead spirits much longer than demonic spirits, I have to say they feel a hell of a lot scarier, and I wouldn’t make that dive until you’re 100% sure, that you know what you are doing and can get rid of it if it decides to stay.

The other thing, is often people find they feel the effects of an intranquil spirit, I have theories, but I’ve not experienced it, so for now I think you made the best choice, as this seems to be a demon that you are drawn too.

Good luck


It’s been 3 days since I did the spell, and I feel a lot better. I am barely thinking of this guy at all. I feel like the spell has affected me as well by reducing the amount of fucks I give about him.

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So interesting update:

For a few days I started feeling extremely violent towards this man. I wanted to punch him, hit him with my car, push him down a flight of stairs. I wanted to stomp on his balls. I wanted him to be in severe pain. I wanted him to cry.

I was kind of frightened by these thoughts, but moreso frightened by how much I enjoyed fantasizing about physically harming him. Like oh man, the idea of smashing him in the teeth with a brick just made me giggle!

Now I’m completely indifferent to him. I’ve also noticed that my best friend has removed him from social media. They were always pretty close, so it’s weird. I’m afraid to ask if they’ve had a falling out.

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I’ve often found that rituals seems to remove my emotion towards a situation afterwards but…

Be careful on the extra feelings. You’ve been working with Glaysa pretty close right? Sounds like you’re picking up on the feelings of how he would go about attacking a target. To be fair I’ve had moments where I just spewed the worst possibly ending for someone that I hated with all that I am, but I never once thought it should come by my hand lol. We all get angry sometimes.

Make sure you’re grounding and cleansing the area when the energy becomes too much. It’s good to get all of the pent up emotion out of you, just make sure it’s safe.

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I’m definitely taking precautions. Glasyas is a great teacher, but he is not someone to fool around with. I have a huge amount of respect for him.

I also definitely understand why he chooses to appear as a dog now. He is fierce, and fiercely loyal as well.

Really, so much respect for him. I know if I hadn’t told him not to physically harm “C”, he wouldn’t have hesitated to rip him apart.

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I just got the brightest and boldest sign I’ve ever gotten.

I cannot explain it here because it would endanger my personal safety, but…

It is huge and very obvious.

It seems like he’s gotten reprimanded at work, according to his Facebook.

Excellent. Keep it coming!

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