Rosier Session

As of today Ive decided to work with Rosier for personal reasons regarding love and lust. I would appreciate your input on the phenomena Ive experienced below as well as any other information you wish to teach.

-While reciting His enn, I saw a purple flash of light which turned dark blue
-I felt secure and at peace during the session; my aura was orange
-The number 3 was presented to me
-The flame on my red candle (representing lust) seemed to jump endlessly; soot on the brim of the candle
-A weak, stable blue flame on my red candle (representing love)
-A plume of black smoke rising towards me from the red candle
-When moon water was introduced to the red candle’s wax, the jumping flame formed a heart shape

I should also mention, earlier today a brown rabbit crossed my path and stopped for a moment. I take it as an omen but am unsure as to its meaning. Clarification on these happenings is very much appreciated.