Rose thorns

So I have a bunch of rose bushes, and I collected some thorns and put them in a bottle,
Does anyone know what sort of spell/curse/ or anything I can use with it?

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I think I read someone using them for a love spell

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Thorns: destruction
Petals: love, Harmony


Good for blood magic if they can make you bleed.


Create something from it yourself.



Don’t prick yourself with a rose thorn, it’s not safe. You can have some mild irritation but in some cases serious health complications. Rose thorns carry the Sporothrix fungus, and even more various bacteria and dirt.
If you want you can anoit thorns with your blood by using sterile lancet

From my experience, Lilith likes gifts like this. So, prepare any protection/destruction ritual that involves gifts. Make a sigil, do the Invocation with your request and make an offering.

Good luck!

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Alright, thank you so much! That’s very helpful!

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