Rose Cross

I am trying to make a sigil using the Ross Cross method for Saint Mahatma whom I don’t have on one him.
I will like to know if I have to start with the Saint or start with the actual name which is Mahatma, I will like opinions please

I am going to assume you mean the Rose Cross rather than Ross Cross.

On the question, to which Mahatma are you referring? Because the word “mahatma” itself is a title in Sanskrit and means “Great Soul.” It is the equivalent of the English word “saint.”

So by saying Saint Mahatma, you are basically calling to “Saint Saint,” or “Saint Great Soul.” There should be a name after the title, like Mahatma Gandhi.

Thanks very much for a well written explanation and correction to my question but this is a spirit I’m trying to create a sigil to be able to contact him. This is why I’m not sure whether to start with the Saint or go straight to the name Mahatma

As I explained, Mahatma isn’t the name of a spirit, it is a title.

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Well noted

What if it concerns any Saint spirit, does it have to start with the name or add the Saint to make the sigil complete. Forgive me for my questions, it my first time trying to use the Rose Cross

If you wanted to create a sigil for, say, Saint Epedite, then yes, you would include Saint because you want to contact that specific power.

It can be confusing because saints are generally called upon through prayer, rather than seals and sigils.

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It confusing indeed if you term it as such. But I have got friends who evoke saints, so which spirits do appear to them, that’s the bigger question

Saints are not usually evoked/invoked in the same way angels and demons are. They most often have candles burned for them, and specific prayers that are said.

And yes, they do appear to those who pray to them.

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You should ask your friends that question, as there are hundreds and I doubt they work with all of them.

Here’s your pick list… and since you used the word Mahatma, you should probably check out the list of bodhisattvas as well.