Roommate kept waking in, would spell still work

Would your spell still work if your fucking roommate kept walking in on you. I had +7 entities involved.

I suppose she can’t really negate the spell.

Feed back appreciated @Lady_Eva

And I was making a voodoo doll. She kept waking in so i just put the doll away but the sigils were still on the table. She knows what it was.

If you were in the process of making the doll, it’s won’t harm your spell.
You can charge it with your intent during and after making it. You’d still have to baptise the doll to bring it to life, depending on the work you’re doing.
Doesn’t matter if she’s seen the sigil; you still need to charge it.


How Would I bring it to life? I’ve tried looking it up


It sucks but this is a part of it.

The tenants under me will be just audible enough to taint the atmosphere during ritual.

We have to push ourselves to trance out and focus …


Thank you. New magician here

Can confirm; tune in enough to hear the silence. It’s always there; it’s that high pitched ringing you hear in your ears before you sleep. If I tune into the noise of this, everything around me won’t be able to disturb me… even if that’s there’s an insatiable itch or a fly buzzing around… I can remain in tune, whether I decide to react or not to physical matters.

2 Likes tells you how to do this. There’s Lucky Mojo that’s a great site and there’s a lot on YouTube.

So I already baptized out, doesn’t seem to be working. Was I supposed to do something after I baptized? I put safety pins in it’s head but that was only one day

I’m not sure what purpose you’re making/using the doll for. You don’t really say.