Ronove and his powers

Ronove came to me in my sleep last night. I dont know the reason but I think he wants me to work with him. Whats his powers because I cant think why he visited I have been having problems at work. Ronove can make friends and foes not see you as a threat can this be it.

Charisma. Definitely good at enhancing charisma


Among the skills of his office I know him:

  • specialist in pyrokinesis, ability to create and / or control fire and heat
  • can control the mind to affect the physical state of humans
  • has a very powerful mind and can create fire only with the mind; In addition to granting a lot of energy if asked.
  • can destroy your enemies or humiliate them according to the request of the conjurer.
  • He can provide you with servants or spirits under his power to have help in the area that you request
  • In my Gnosis I could detail that in its manifestations it moves objects from the room when it is invoked. When it happened, look into the life of other evocators and everyone seems to give the same testimony.
  • What caught my attention is that it is very open to humans and will respond to what you ask, helping you in what you can, also common in the life of other evocators.
  • It is also said that he is the one who takes the old souls, sometimes he comes to earth to reap the souls of the elderly humans and animals near death. At this point I still have it under study what is a great connoisseur of languages. He is specialized in languages ​​/ polyglot
  • Ronobe, Renew, Ronove, Ronwe. It’s their names to evoke itronobe