Romantic partners and spiritual development - what is your take on it

I’ve read that bad stuff happens when a couple is too mismatched on a spiritual development level and that a marriage or long term partnership does not work. (although my ex was ok with my practice in the beginning, eventually he went crazy and got rid of some of my books. He did not practice at all himself. I was too much reminded of the fact that two of Crowley’s wives went insane.)

On the other hand, some people think the idea of romantic relationships with another magician are a bad idea because then your ex can curse you, throw baneful magick after you, and do the old “get an ex back spell” on you, or whatever other nasty things they can think up.

So, I know with all the experienced magicians here, what is your take on this. I know some people have just sworn off relationships, but obviously not everyone.

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Interesting question :thinking: Not experienced enough but just my two cents:

I like to be very clear when it comes to communication, and although I’ll be open with my practice, I’ll keep it separate from the relationship. People always grow, and from what I’ve seen and experienced myself it’s always good when a couple grows together.

Being in a relationship with another magician? Never thought of it. It’s always good to have some solid protection up imo. It comes down to how that person views things. I wouldn’t do a get an ex back spell, and I wouldn’t like one done on me. If something is fishy my guides and ancestors will immediately show me a red flag, and often times if I can’t do anything myself I’ve told them explicitly that they can step in before things get too bad. They’ve stepped in before and honestly, I’m extremely grateful they did.

I haven’t sworn off relationships, I would like to get married with someone I love and live a happy, content life.

Magick is something extremely personal to me, so if anyone does ask me about it irl (which are only 2-3 people) I only skim the surface. And if they want to start spirituality because of it, I send them a bunch of videos, tell them resources and wish them luck (also telling them what to not delve into at the very beginning of course).

What’s your view on this?


Let us be honest Crowley probably did things to drive them insane, I do not believe that Crowley was mentally all-together there in any case. There are pros and cons to everything but I doubt a devout Christian would be pleased to find out their partner is a devout occultist who regularly engages with various spirits including demonic ones. I liked @Onion reply. I feel things could be awesome with another magician there are a lot of occult couples on youtube one even has a relationship with this site. I think things could be just as awesome with a regular open-minded person.

I probably would prefer to be with someone who is agnostic, atheist or into witchcraft tho.


then why don’t you just leave your current relationship?
i woudn’t be with a person that don’t like my stuff.
if you are willing to accept a fucking hater in your life then go ahead

I do resonate with what you are saying.
I have been married for 30+ years and yet I have been in regular and intimate relationships with demons for the last 10 years.
It does get lonely from a human perspective because I have to keep all of this to myself - or else!
Every night I lay awake and in a meditative state during these amazing encounters.
It would be great to connect with a satanist or witch - but it would have to be strictly online and very secretive.
In the meantime, I just have to continue to enjoy my amazing but dualistic relationships with these beautiful demon lovers.


I am pretty much in the same situation as you.

But, my wife and I were apart from each other for awhile, during which time I got involved in “this.”

I actually enjoy the duality and consider it my secret play land. Relationships need space to breathe and grow and people need lives separate from their primary relationship.

To think that one person can/ should be the end all/ be all for another is absurd and borderline abusive. It puts too much pressure on both and turns the relationship into a hostage situation real quick.

We have never interacted well when it comes to politics and religion. Thing is, we both have the same political affiliations, but for some reason, argue about the details. It’s stupid really, and not worth talking about really, so we don’t.

Same goes for religion and spirituality. If they result in principles and behavior that gives no shit/ takes no shit and we treat others with respect, we good…

To make a long story short, she knows I am into the occult more than most, but I don’t think she knows the full scope of my involvement…like I’m pretty sure she doesn’t know I’ve given blood to Belial :rofl: