Romantic conundrum

you dont need to tell us. find your own reasons and tell yourself. our approval isnt’ needed.

I’m just telling you because thats not what my issue is about. I just needed help making a decision, but I think i’ve figured out what to do.

My husband used to abuse monster energy drinks for work. Totally legal and all of that. Still completely fucked him up (and he continued with 4 a day after he lost that job) , I mean, not that he wouldn’t have been totally fucked up anyway, but it sure didn’t help. (and probably made it worse, I mean he probably hadn’t gotten a proper rest for months, making him crazy.)

People do a lot of stupid shit for work, including joining in on witch hunts to keep their stupid jobs that take advantage of them and their unconscious need to join cults.

With the first guy, its hard to know how serious he is about his girlfriend, I mean, maybe they are really great for each other, (or maybe not) I wouldn’t rush into any kind of commitment and just get to know them both better.

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