Rogue egregore

There is an egregore attached to me, and someone put it on me for revenge. When they found out that I wasn’t guilty of what they assumed I was guilty of, they walked away, leaving the egregore behind. Dick move, but now the egregore has gone rogue.

It feeds on suffering, revenge, destruction. It also summons others to work against me. And it tried to kill me when I summoned Beelzebub to get rid of it. Beelzebub is definitely the correct demon to rid me of it, and I’ve been told this by the spirits I work with as well as my own ancestors. But there’s the safety aspect.

Any ideas?

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When’s the last time you banished? Have you tried dissolving it?

i would recommend two books that i personally used at the time i was pyschic attacks magickal protection by damon brand and angelic protection by ben woodcraft … within these books there are simple rituals that helped alot of people tbh

Ask it to “check the orb” then send it to me if it’s willing to:

  1. do better and attain freedom and

  2. leave you in peace and not bother you any more.

SERIOUS answer. #EgregoreRights #MadeLivesAreRealLives

It can have a future here.


Beautiful. Must say I admired this.