Rock of knowledge

Hello everyone. Recently i had a dream in which i saw a burning thing fall from the sky. The red was so bright. Me and someone else ran and found a castle of some sort and i climbed into the castle. When inside there was this rock boulder thing that has black and white text moving around it. It had texts or all kinds on it. A bunch on things people would never know. I tried to take a photo but mt phone wouldnt allow it it looked like a normal rock.

I remember leaving after looking at the texts and apparently what felt like 5 minutes was actually 5 years. I was wondering if anyone knew what rock this is? The reason i know this isnt just a normal dream is a close spirit told me that it was a real stone.

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I can’t answer your question but I had kind of a similar dream when I was a bit younger. I was inside of what looked like a castle, maybe a sub level. There was a boulder in front of me with writing carved into it (I later found out it was Enochian). There was a man behind me insisting I knew what the writing said and I was in tears saying back to him that I didn’t know what it said.

After I found out the text was in Enochian script, that led me to learning the language the best I could to decipher the message.


First thought that came to mind was “The Philosopher’s Stone”. Although, if the spirit says it’s a real stone as in it is physically out there, then I’m not too sure.

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Very interesting. The text in my dream was in english but yea it was a castle. Hmm. Thats strange.

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Yea im unsure but possibly it was the philosopher’s stone. Im unsure and will need to look into it.

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