Robert Bruce's ink mark treatment

I was reading the Practical Psychic defense self-defense handbook to pass some time. There was just something so quaint to me that I felt that it could be brought up and tested. Bruce talks about using a blue ball pen ink mark treatment method for skin blemishes which he hypotheses are related energetic body attachments.

By drawing an ink symbol enclosed within a circle (the symbol being an X or a spiral, Bruce reports that the ink color seems far more important than the symbol), some sort of disruption is caused by the ink coverage which then usually results in the skin blemish healing with 48 hours or several weeks in general. Bruce even adds that this seems like crazy talk and he would think so himself if he hadn’t seen and experienced it.

So I ask, anyone here ever tried something like this?

PS: Bruce also reports that there are potential side effects such as nausea, diarrhea, fever, etc which seems to arise from energy attachment being disrupted.

I’ve been trying this on a blemish on my shoulder since your post reminded me of it, no results yet (no side effects either) but I’ve put a note to update this thread in my diary for 2 weeks’ time, the 23rd.

Hope it works!

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I think I’ll try this on my forearm blemishes. It would be nice to disappear them. At 19, I literally expected Jesus to throw me a bone after I was baptised. It was quite anti-climactic when he didn’t deliver.

Besides, I’m sure a little diarrhea merely adds to the whole character-building thing. Its a whole lot of gunk energy to disrupt, though.

It brings this to mind:

[b]Witch's Mark[/b] In the lore of the witch, this is claimed to be an extra teat or nipple on a witch’s body from which she or he permitted a familiar or imp to suckle human blood which these creatures supposedly craved. Although extra nipples appear naturally in a small percentage of the population, a fact which was either not widely known or disregarded in medieval times, these extra bodily protuberances took on an infernal association during this period. During witch trials virtually any wart, mole, tumor, outstanding swelling or discoloration of the skin was suspect as being a witch’s mark. After their arrest witches were bodily searched to see if any peculiarities could be discovered.


I can believe that a poorly educated witch from the past may have been able to sense or see entities feeding from her, and turned them into (or mistaken them for) familiars, and perhaps some people had familiars who did feed this way, eventually causing marks or raised things like skin tags and warts.

It also puts me in mind of the way everyone I know who’s had cancer has acquired it in a location of their body that had an extremely powerful emotional resonance - as though something were so out of balance to them in that area that sooner or later their body began to grow malevolently, as a result of that energy.

(No offence meant to anyone there who’s dealing with or has overcome cancer, I’m just theorising.)

Here is something to keep in mind. Robert’s results may have been due to his extensive practice. The act itself may not be the cause of the result, but his intent matched with his high level of training. Like E.A. always says: intent. Robert has a high level of energetic experience and focus. My bet would be that a simple act such as this is just an extension of his own will over himself. This is why he’s seeing results. I highly doubt a Bic pen is going to change much unless you are already tuned up for self energetic control. “There is no spoon” type of thinking. But in this case (sorry Matrix), you are thinking, but you have something to back it up.

Yes, and I’m guessing the pen marks represent the person’s will and intent made manifest and caused by the blemish, in order to counteract the blemish that was an energetic thing made in flesh.

The same way that writing things down is a precursor to the idea coming into being - you set the ball rolling for it to go from intent (or spirit) into the physical realm.

I’m not sure he could just will-away the blemishes - I think both parts might be important, with the ink acting as the gateway between physical and spiritual. Maybe! :slight_smile:

Thank you Eva for wording it better than I did. That was exactly what I was trying to say. Both the physical and spiritual are very interconnected. If you perform an act physically without intent, spiritually (or what term you prefer to use), then it becomes a moot point and fails. Your will only goes as far as your development. The world of the spirits and the physical has a direct impact on each other. Your intent is dependent on both. One reason I am also a big advocate for physical training. You need a strong body to have a strong mind.

I had to discontinue this early - the ink started to annoy my skin, that or the pressure of drawing on the same patch twice a day, so that’s a shame but to carry on would be silly.

I didn’t notice any change in the blemish, and will have to class this as “inconclusive.” :\

I think its to do with what andreeje was suggesting ~ What works is usually an extention of your own work, experience and beliefs. I would say Lady Eva that you could possibly get the same if not better healing results with crystals if this has been a part of your natural path over time.

I myself would just overlook the ink method and crystals because its not my office…I would work with spirits instead for guidance and healing

Each to their own

It intrigues me because I used to trace out elaborate designs and then pour all of my self-loathing, rage, hate, despair into the hours long work of carving them and salting the cuts.

Reversing the process, healing with self-adoration and such is worth it. Might take a long fucking time to de-blemish, but meh… Seems like another route is requesting a spirit to charge the ink sigil.

So did anyone here successfully removed his/her witch mark???

I did successfully remove a grisly bump just under the skin on the sole of my foot, using RB’s method. This was after I’d traveled on a ferry. There was a known entity attached to me at the time. During the ferry trip, the entity screamed and roared as if it was in pain, but it was still attached to me. I noticed that it had ceased to bother me even though it was still there. I decided to do the ink method on the grisly bump on my foot. After iirc several weeks, it dropped off, and the entity went away. So it worked for me.

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Congrats!!! Good to know that it functions!!!