Road opening spell if you already know what you want?

I know what I want and I have nearly created a servitor for that rather specific puprose.

[nearly created means I have read Kreiter and Brand on creating servitors, I have made the house and the sigil, I wrote out its attributes and I really just need to birth it and it is done]

But I am creating the servitor because I have experience obstacles in this objective before. It is like I am 95 percent there already but just cannot get the last 5 percent to actually make it. Therefore, I create the servitor.

Should I do a Road Opening spell before the final steps in its creation (I think Brand calls it gestation)
do I make the servitor, then do the road opening spell for me and for the servitor?
I’ve never done a road opening spell, can a simple one be done with just candles and visualizations or what is a good road opening spell.
it would be rather difficult for me to get any road opener oil right now, my town is shut down and we only have about 3 metaphysics shops anyway.

What is your recommendation. I have put a sh*t ton of thought, reading and effort into this servitor. I want to give it every chance to accomplish its mission. If I need to wait for oil, I will.

Thank you,

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I think that’s awesome. It’s so funny, bc we’re actually doing the same thing. I’d say to create your own ritual and how YOUR magick should go… However, I think you should do the road opener spell first.

I am leaning towards doing the road opening spell first too.
I wish you (and your servitor) well. I hope it gets you exactly what you want…
That would be fantastic.

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