Road of no end?

How many of you feel like this? Disconnected from the world,disdain for human race,not feeling connected to anything,following nothing,believing nothing,not giving a fuck if the existence ends now or tomorrow…

like a eternal walker,that holds nothing,that follow nothing,that value only himself and only wants to walk away in this road of no end,this eternal road…in peace,silence,quietness and completly alone…

when i do my walks here in our farms,i feel very conected to the nature but not conected to the humanitythe human itself in this last walk in the savage forestthe brute naturei just sat there and drank water from the ground,from one of the water mines then i painted my face with this fresh mud and i got this feeling that i was missing my home,that is not here,i dont even know where it is…

but you feel this call,this call to home,to abandon this lands,to find what is missing to fill all your mind…i have dreams of different lands,different landscapes and a savage life,i feel like someone that wants to go back to home…

is this a feeling associated with something in particular that maybe one of you feel?

sorry for the english,its more like engrish but it must be enough to understandi dont even feel the need to use a translator as i feel confortable writing what comes into my mind

the nobody


I think it’s a natural feeling. No pun intended. It’s like waking up and seeing the world as it is for the first time. Connecting with nature also feels amazing. Connecting to Primal energy currents.


I’ve felt that same thing as you said I heard over and over in my mind “I’m a nobody” but I try not to think like that now. I’m sorry u feeling this way and yes I have thought about all that too


when i say * nobody* is because i have done everything,i have the currency,i have the material,i have all that i need,im not in depression,i just dont feel more associated with the rest of the humanity lol…

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I understand . When I was feeling it personally it was similar, I felt no purpose because I felt that this life was pointless to a large extent.

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@ Ben_Sahar.

Stick with it.
It sound’s like your spiritual guidiance haves more for you to discover, which you’re currently unable to connect to, since it’s yet unmanifested (to you.).
Especially that you get Landscape impressions combined with such feeling of “i’m not there, but i belong to being there” sounds pretty heavily like you have an option to go into it and find for example a part of your family which had been missing before.

to give you an example of how i come to this conclusion:
After working with several demons and angels, i came to see that one branch of my family had saddled in another country.
And, had manifested a buissness of whine making.
other close family members where revealed to me, living in several different countrys.
And it kind of leaves an awe, of having never actually connected to those.

I give you another tip:
By scoping into bhudist travel-suit you can bypass most unneccessary questions and connect to the more advanced spiritual beings along your travel.
I manifested a group of them to my approach yesterday,
which had me being given sacred books almost for free,
since they noticed within minutes,
i wasn’t a normal peasant.

The secound benefit on doing such a travel, is it can teach you knowledge which isn’t out there in any written form, as some teachings aren’t given to others except in direct communication.

Hope this helps.

Alternatively start drawing the Impressions and talking about them, so you may get the blanks filled in.

  • That’s how i handle most channelings and visions that go to far beyond what i can process by myself.




i don’t know how to explain but i came to the conclusion that i have irish roots and i even saw images that it made me think that it was my family(even wife) and im not married i am young…im very surprised because i dont know how i was able to find it out

i don’t know how to verify it but for some unknown reason i have sure,this never happened before

i appreciate what you wrote,this was of big significance for me

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Yea I don’t either, especially the sheep. If anything I feel less connected than ever.